April 2, 2022

Ukraine – What this war is Costing Russia

You are Vladimir Putin. You are the dictatorial leader of a country with 30,000 nuclear weapons. You have a personal net worth of $200 billion

Vladimir, wars cost money, let me tell you. On our side, to take 1,000 American soldiers and send them overseas fully armed and combat supported cost $1 billion per year, that’s $1 million per soldier per year. We sent 100,000 into Iraq, and the price was $100 billion per year. That’s the gospel truth. So let’s take a look at what the war is costing you fellows because we are Wall Streeters and that’s what we do. We figure out money.

The REAL Costs of War

  1. Jet Planes
    You sent over some real fancy Russian jet planes and managed in a couple of weeks to get at least 29 of them shot down. Those planes cost $85 million apiece and that comes to roughly $2.5 billion big ones. And we are still counting by the way.
  2. Attack Helicopters
    They are a beautiful piece of equipment by the way and they cost $40 million apiece. You lost 29 of them also, that’s another $400 plus million.
  3. Heavy Artillery
    This is what you are using to kill innocent civilians, mostly women and children. It costs about $1.5 million for each piece and the Ukrainians have taken out at least 75 pieces in a couple of weeks. That’s more than $110 million.
  4. Tanks
    Your tanks run $2.4 million apiece and you have lost way more than 200 of them, so let’s go with 200. That’s $480 million and still counting with a lot more to go.
  5. Armored Vehicles
    In your case, these are death traps, you would be better off with open trucks, because yours are not re-enforced even though you say armored. They run a million apiece and you have lost close to 900 of them and that’s $900 million.
  6. War Dead
    The lowest estimate we find for war dead is more than 5,300 Russian soldiers. It’s way more than that. It’s at least 10,000 and probably 15,000 dead on your side. Let’s go with 10,000. The best way to compute war dead costs is the loss to Russian GDP per year for the dead and in your case that comes to $5.5 billion loss to your GDP.

The Bottom Line

We can’t figure out how you are able to deal with this self-inflicted tragedy you voluntarily brought on yourself and your nation. As far as we are concerned, this war is costing Russia, $20 billion per day. It doesn’t take too many days for you to go through a trillion dollars and maybe it’s going to be two trillion dollars before it’s over.

So here’s the thing nobody is talking about? You are bankrupting Russia. We are a $20 trillion economy, you are a $2 trillion economy, and actually you are like $1.7. You can’t afford this war and we can. We can give the Ukrainians billions in armaments all day long while you go and spend a trillion plus your nation’s youth on a war you cannot win. We are going to bleed you to death on this one and you keep doubling down.

Since you have no one in your inner circle that will tell you the truth, you are not going to be able to figure this out for yourself. As Einstein said, the same level of intelligence that got you into the problem cannot be the same level of intelligence that will get you out of the problem. Normally, we say good luck but in this case, we are rooting for our side.


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