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Who else in this business is going to give you 100% access to their intellectual property with a GUARANTEE? We are talking about carefully researched stock market ideas that have made other investors fortunes in the market. We believe we can do the same for you, and if you are unhappy for ANY REASON, just contact us within the first 14 days. We will gladly give you a 100% REFUND, with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
You get our world-class, award-winning research on all stocks.
You get our best ideas. We visit the companies so you don’t have to. We talk to the competitors that you would have to talk with if you were doing the research yourself. We save you the trouble, the time, and the bother. We save you the need to do your own analysis. We come to you our subscribers with timely information. Hedge fund managers, and Mutual fund managers subscribe. You will get the same level of service and the same ideas we give them, the professional investors. Who else can say that?

We e-mail our stock ideas to YOU and simultaneously to ALL subscribers.
This means you are not getting a phone call from a broker or advisor where you 100th on the list, or 500th. You get our ideas at the same precise time as all of our subscribers. You won’t find this benefit anywhere else.
We e-mail you our famous Sitting around the Table commentaries on average about once per week.
They are entertaining, informative, but what’s more important, they will help you dramatically increase the returns on your portfolio by giving you timely, up-to-the-minute advice on what we like and what we don’t like. We provide ACTION STEPS, and we don’t hedge.
We promise that you will always know where we stand on the issues. You will be able to sleep at night owning our ideas. These are world famous companies that we research. You need to be comfortable owning what you own, and we help you gain that comfort.
We will e-mail you our sought after opinions whenever anything important happens in the market whether it's a dramatic market swing, of a world event that is impacting the market.
Whether it’s a dramatic market swing, or a world event that is impacting the market, you need and deserve to know what is really happening, not from talking heads on television, or reporters groping for something to say.
We talk to the people who know, and we put you in the know, so you and your portfolio can BENEFIT. You will be making decisions based on what is REALLY going on in the real world, on a real time basis. Are you doing that NOW?
We have an easy-to-used STOCK TABLE listing all our IDEAS. It is updated constantly.
It is updated constantly. Investors have told us that they want up-to-date information in a no-nonsense format, that is brief and to the point. It tells you when to buy, and we tell you when it’s time to get out. There’s no equivocation with
We have "UNBIASED" opinions based on independence and integrity.
How are you going to make money if the advisors you are using are also investment bankers to the companies whose stocks they are recommending? You need UNBIASED opinions and that’s what we give you, right from the horse’s mouth. You and your portfolio will be thankful.
We tell you when we would be buyers, and when we would be sellers.
Investors are tired of wondering when do I get out? Do I hold on? Do I buy more? We are completely candid, honest, and objective with you. We have no ax to grind. This is your money we are talking about, and you are entitled to nothing less than our people’s sincere, best work, and analysis, and that’s what we give you.
When markets decline, we don’t hide behind our desks. We e-mail you, and tell you what’s going on. You will no longer be left in the dark as to why this happened, or that happened.
We have constant communication with YOU.
Never again will you have to wonder where the people giving you ideas stand on the market, or that idea.
Isn’t it time you gave your portfolio a chance to outperform, so that you can achieve your financial goals and dreams. This and more are possible if you subscribe to our services.