Ukraine – Putin never saw it coming

You are Vladimir Putin. You are the dictatorial leader of a country with 30,000 nuclear weapons. You have a personal net worth of $200 billion dollars. You are the richest man in the world because you have raped an entire country and skimmed it right off the top. You have the power of life and death over everyone in your society. You have selected 200 men to be wealthy and you have personally set each of them up in different industries making each and everyone a billionaire in the process but a minion you never the less.

You answer to no one and you control the press. Everyone speaks to you in a soft voice, never, ever uttering a sound above a certain decibel for fear of earning your wrath. Occasionally you have turned on one of your minions and when you do, you devour him and make sure everybody else knows about it, so they know what is in store for them if you decide to turn against them or them against you.

Your life is an illusion, but for you, the illusion is a reality. There is an analogy for this and it’s back in the days of the Roman Empire. When the Caesar’s use to come back from a victorious adventure on the far reaches of the empire, hundreds of thousands of Romans would gather in the streets to salute the leader who would be on a chariot pulled by a team of horses.

There was always a slave at the foot of the leader who would constantly say to Caesar, “Remember, though is only a man.” The retort would be repeated over and over again in an attempt to keep the leader’s head screwed on tight if you will, so that he had no illusions.

Thomas Becket was the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time of his assassination in 1170. Before that he was Lord Chancellor of England to King Henry the II. When they were returning a victorious battle and traveling to the throne on a victory chariot, thousands cheered him on. The King turns to Beckett his advisor and says, “You see Thomas, the people love me.” Beckett replies to the King, that his people are spread throughout the crowd and they are leading them on in their celebration of you, meaning it’s all rigged. The King wonders aloud, “Why must you destroy my illusions, Thomas?” And Beckett replies, “Because you must have none, my lord?”

This is precisely the position Putin is in. He has illusions. He believes them wholeheartedly, and there is no one that can tell him the truth or disabuse him of his fantasies. It is a very bad spot for a country’s leader to be in, and it has happened so many times in the past and it is happening now and will do so in the future again. What are these illusions? We will touch a handful now and more later.

  1. Russia is a great nationSorry, we basically all fell for this fantasy, us in the West and especially you in Moscow. Great nations are based on economic wealth and your country doesn’t even count. Your country’s GDP is about the size of Texas which is not much more than the GDP of New York City. Year in and year out do you really think you can finance a world-class military with an internal GDP 10% the size of the United States. Think about it, you spend $61 billion a year on defense and we spend something approaching $700 billion, which means we eat you for lunch.
  2. Does your nuclear arsenal scare us?Yes, it does, and ours scares you as well. The point is the weapons are useless, we can’t use them and you can’t use them. The reality is no body can used them. It’s been like that since August 1949 when you tested your first nuclear bomb. The bombs became unthinkable and they are now unthinkable as well. We shared your illusion, teaching our children in the 1950s to jump under their desk if the bomb hit when we both knew their rear ends were going to be blasted out of the building into dust. You know you can’t use them so why even bring it up.
  3. You thought NATO was dead?
    You believed all the divisiveness and rhetoric in the United States between the Right and the Left meant we had nothing left as a country. We were impotent to act and if you walked all over the Ukraine, we wouldn’t do anything and that means NATO would do nothing as well. Surprise Vladimir.
  4. You thought going into Ukraine would be a cakewalk.
    Napoleon said that the moral is to the material as 3 is to 1. Another words, an army that wants to fight and believes it is morally right is three times more powerful than an army that has military might on its side, and you are learning that lesson right now.
  5. You believed the myth of Soviet invincibility and your soldiers. This one is not completely your fault. We fed into your nonsense and helped you believe this and its sustainability of it. You see for decades America’s generals wanted and believed they needed to spend fortunes on defense. The truth is maybe they did. However, to keep it going they had to paint a brilliant intelligence picture that you guys were the big bogeymen of the East and that you were coming to get us and wanted to make us all into communists. Again, maybe they were right, but they attributed to you a military capability that just was NEVER TRUE.You fellows never paid the price to establish military supremacy, period. Your troops are poorly trained, poorly paid, and poorly motivated. You have no noncommissioned officer corps which means your sergeants do not run the army as they do in our army. In our army, the sergeants make the decisions on the battlefield, and very rarely will a lieutenant or even a captain go against what a 20-year sergeant is thinking about. So now we see you have 7 generals that had to charge to the front of the battle to try to figure out what to do next and they got themselves killed. Interesting way to go. You have soldiers having the field of battle and their equipment behind and running off into the woods. You had a general kill himself for losing in battle. Him we have to admire. You have overwhelming physical force and it’s not working for you.
  6. You think your equipment is comparable to ours and it just isn’t so.
    This one is really interesting because this myth is a complete lie, distortion, fantasy and even the world believed it. You send press releases about hypersonic missiles all over the world and the dam things don’t even work. You invest billions in new technologies and don’t have enough money left over to take those technologies and produce the physical weapons and build an arsenal with them. Case in point some advanced fighter planes are pretty good, but when we do it, we build 100 or 200 of them and sometimes thousands like the F-35. You on the other build ten or fifteen because you don’t have the money to produce more. Case in point, we gave 11,000 Stinger missiles to the Ukrainians to blow your planes out of the sky. You can’t even fly a plane over Ukraine without getting it shot down. In every war or engagement, we are involved in, we establish air supremacy within hours to days. You can’t even establish air superiority over Ukraine, let alone supremacy.
  7. If you can’t take out Ukraine, how were you going to handle NATO?
    Pretty wild isn’t it. For decades NATO worried about an invasion from the East through Germany’s Fulda Gap with 15,000 Soviet tanks. It was all based on nonsense. You don’t even keep up with basic maintenance on those tanks you do have and our anti-tank missiles are taking them out ten at a time. Your armored personnel carriers we now find out have wooden bottoms, not armored at all. Are you kidding us, yourself or both?
  8. You send 195,000 men in and you have nothing left?
    CIA reports you to have to conscript 135,000 new boys on April 4th to replenish your ranks. They don’t even have the training yet. These are new recruits. Where are your Special Forces, your so-called Spetsnaz troops with their vaulted reputations? Vladimir, your predecessors would turn over in their graves if they knew what you have brought on them and Russia’s reputation.You have lost probably 15,000 dead which means another 30,000 casualties on top of that. Your armies are now basically combat ineffective. You have to withdraw and regroup and that is what you are in the process of doing. Meanwhile, new weapon shipments are flooding in from Western Ukraine which means the resisting armies are preparing to kill more of you. At some point the mothers and fathers of their dead children will turn against you and you will have blood in Moscow’s streets and the press will be there to cover it.
  9. China is cursing the day that they stood up with you during the Olympics.
    Nobody wants a loser for a partner and you sure aren’t looking like a winner. China wanted you to succeed so they could use it as a pressure point in their thinking on Formosa and the islands off the Chinese coast, but no, you have to spoil their dreams. They now recognize what it takes to prevail in a war. You know what, you should put back China’s dreams by ten years. Here’s the real deal that they are realizing. Their armies are no better than your armies. Remember a couple of years ago when China got into a shooting match with India’s armies in the Himalayas on the border. China got their heads handed to them. Think what an American battle-experienced army with 20 years of fighting would do to guys with NO experience like the Chinese or yourselves. You are watching too many YouTube videos and reading too many late-night novels.

Russia’s reputation is now shot. If you were a 3rd world country, would you buy Russian military equipment from Russia after seeing their performance in Ukraine? They have shown nothing in this war except the ability to aim artillery shells in the general direction of civilians with complete disregard and respect for the lives of non-combatants. These are war crimes. Their weapons from planes to tanks to personnel to training is inferior to anything in the West. If they ever invaded Finland, they would get their heads handed to them. This Russian failure in Ukraine will tarnish them for at least ten years. It takes that long for institutional memory to forget the past and then history has to relearn the lessons all over again.

Putin never saw any of this coming. He actually lied to himself, spread the lies among his immediate people and then they swore to his lies, yes that’s a great idea, another great idea Mr. President. It goes to show you, that leaders must not only be told the truth but they must constantly search out the truth for themselves. Instead we have a dictator who insulated himself and now desperately needs help? What help is that you ask? He needs the American President to tell him, actually guide him to get him out of this predicament with some grace and dignity left for his country. Biden must do this, because Russia is still a nuclear power and things can still go terribly wrong. More next time.

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