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May 27, 2022

Gun Control: Do you want to fix the BLAME or Solve the PROBLEM

We don’t believe in the good old days. That is just a bunch of sentimental nonsense. These are the best days in history to be alive. In the 1950s almost 50,000 kids per year contracted the Polio Virus while 20 million other children lived in continual fear of getting the virus. Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin fixed that problem and the oracles in Sweden wouldn’t even give either of them a Nobel Prize for it.

Leukemia was a disease that killed more children than cancer. Now 90% of leukemia is eliminated through medical advances and very little of it kills. Black and minority people are infinitely better off today than 2 generations back and it’s getting better all the time. Don’t kid yourself and don’t believe the nonsense you hear on television and over the Internet.

Growing up in New York City there were no black cops, it was all Irish. It’s like the police force was reserved for the Irish. Now there are black patrolmen and higher-ranked officers everywhere. Hollywood had Sidney Poitier and that was about it. Yes, life is much better today. Even poor people have color televisions and cell phones and of course one of the great inventions of history, air conditioning is everywhere.

A college education is available to whoever chooses to move forward and certainly many still choose not to go in their direction. So there is a very affordable community college. Is there still racism in this society, of course, there is. There are always going to be people who don’t like other people for assorted crazy reasons and you can’t legislate discrimination from a person’s mind. But it is still much, much better than decades back.

There are still things however that aren’t better, and they do not seem to get fixed. It took 39 months from Pearl Harbor until General Patton and his third army marched into Germany from the east while the Russians came in from the west to crush Hitler and Nazism. Why does it take ten years to build a simple bridge in America today, or 13 years to build a new aircraft carrier? Why it is so many things seem not to be to get done or fixed? What is going on here and now?

It does seem there is more violence today than several decades ago. And certainly, if that is not true then there is more advertising of violence. If you choose to watch television and scan the Internet and cable tv, it’s in your face all day. There are a plethora of behaviors coming together that have led us to this period in time where violence seems much more plentiful than years ago. Neither political party wants to fix it because both parties benefit from it by fueling the anger in their respective political bases. We get that, but if you want to resolve this problem and move on, here are a couple of ideas that would be fresh starters.

  • Does the ordinary citizen in the United States need to own an assault rifle? Now really, think about it? How much fun is there in shooting a bear or a dear with a 40 bullet magazine? The problem is a police officer has no chance of going against an assault rifle with a Glock 17 handgun. If you don’t want to ban assault rifles and we can understand that, then the least you do is anyone who uses one in a criminal act get 20 years for illegally using it. Who wants to argue with that?
  • With gun ownership goes gun responsibility. You never ever read about it, the kid gets their father’s gun (who is a police officer by the way) and then kills some member of the family. You never see this type of article because police officers know what to do with their guns when they get home. They never trip up and leave that gun unprotected or somehow available to other family members. This is not true of tens of thousands of gun owners who can be very sloppy just like the rest of us in different areas of our lives. Only with guns, sloppiness can be fatal. We could use law or two by locking up guns in the home and if they are not locked up and secured and they are used by anyone in the commission of a crime then the parent should and must face a jail sentence for being negligently responsible. Is this unreasonable.
  • As Americans, we believe in free speech, that’s the First Amendment. We also know that the First Amendment doesn’t mean you can say anything you want, any time you want. You can’t go into a “Crowded theater and yell fire,” as Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said in a 1919 opinion before the Supreme Court. What are we getting at? You know the National Security Agency monitors potentially millions and billions of conversations on a daily basis here and overseas using Supercomputers that pick out certain keywords in conversations that trigger a person manually listening to the whole conversation. It would not be difficult for police departments throughout the United States to have computers that manually canvas the Internet for their communities only that monitor for threatening language. The boy in Texas who recently slaughtered 19 innocent school children made remarks on the Internet that he was going to do this before he did it. He also informed a girl on the Internet in another city that he was going to do this. If police via computers can pick up on this, we might be able to eliminate 90% of these heinous crimes that are occurring. Recently an evil man in New York who was also mentally imbalanced put all kinds of evil racist statements on the Internet that he was going to kill white people. Computers again could have picked up on it.

So what are we waiting for? Do we want to fix the blame or fix the problem? The Supreme Court can work out the constitutional issues on these solutions if there are any, and they’re always are. We don’t need ten years to build a bridge or 13 years to build an aircraft carrier. And we certainly don’t need to watch horrific criminal events happening on a regular basis throughout this country. You can eliminate 90% of the problem and that’s a good start. Remember what Shakespeare said what do they call 10,000 lawyers under the ocean, “A good start”.

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