Who We Are

ValueStockPlayers.com (VSP) is composed of professionals. We draw on the talents of individuals with close to 30 years of daily market experience and involvement in the world’s financial markets. These individuals have been with major firms. By major firms we mean household names that you would recognize instantly.

VSP also accesses a network of exceedingly capable investment minds and thinkers. These are people that no matter how much money you offered them, they would never work for VSP directly, or anyone else for that matter. It’s because they don’t have to work. They are our friends and associates. We freely exchange ideas and opinions. You will see much of this work reflected in ValueStockPlayer’s e-mails to you.

Our associates have also been involved with stocks that have turned out badly. They know what to look for. Sometimes it’s not about finding the home run. Sometimes it’s about not hitting into a double play in the ninth inning. An illustration of this process is the Internet Revolution in the United States. Over a trillion dollars was invested in the Internet IPO process. We could make a good argument that very few people made money on Internet stocks as investors in the public markets. It’s amazing, over 200 stocks went from approximately $ 10 per share to over $ 100 per share, and no one made money except the investment bankers and the insiders who were in the stocks at a penny a share. If ValueStockPlayers.com can be sure of one thing it’s that this website called the top in the Internet stocks within 30 days of the actual top. ValueStockPlayers.com told people very specifically to get out. Go back and review our commentaries and you be the judge.

A major problem regarding investments in stocks is the customers’ use of margin. Using margin can lead very quickly to a complete loss of capital. ValueStockPlayers.com will make you a promise. The promise is, “IF YOU CONSISTENTLY BUY ON MARGIN, YOU WILL BE MARGINED OUT.” After decades in the market, ValueStockPlayers.com has never found a successful margin player. If you think you are the exception, just keep margining, and you will find out what our associates know to be true.

The talent that ValueStockPlayers.com draws upon has been observers and participants in the capital raising process in America. This means they have been involved in Venture Capital deals. The three things you must learn in venture capital are VALUE, VALUE, VALUE. Our associates use their understanding of the venture capital process to assist ValueStockPlayers.com in valuing the stocks VSP likes, at the prices VSP likes them.

In the last year a lot of investors, both individual and professionals have forgotten about VALUE, VALUE, VALUE. These investors have paid a dear price for forgetting. Over four trillion dollars have been vaporized in the public equity markets in the last year or so. Yet, if you look at ValueStockPlayers.com’s commentaries on this web site, you will see that VSP practically begged you to get out of the Internet arena in March of 2000 within 30 days of the top. This wasn’t luck. Our associates knew that Amazon was not worth the equivalent of five of the largest retailers in the United States. This was just plain common sense. If you want to make money in the market, you better add common sense to your list of subjects to study. Actually you can’t study common sense. After twenty-five years of market involvement, it sort of gets beaten into you. You see, ValueStockPlayers.com doesn’t do the same things over and over again, expecting a different result.

ValueStockPlayers.com has stories to share with you that once you hear them, you will tell them to your friends for years to come. After this many years, VSP has been through all the battles and all the wars. ValueStockPlayers.com has seen assassinations, price controls, riots in the streets, moon landings, spontaneous acts of charity, biotech revolutions, oil embargoes, personal computer revolutions. It goes on and on. Our talented friends think that VSP has absorbed the lessons. ValueStockPlayers knows that we are all still learning, but it’s like we said in the beginning. This is not an intellectual exercise for us. Our associates are in the arena every day.

ValueStockPlayers.com is about finding stocks that are going to go up in price. It’s about subscribers being able to sleep at night owning what they own. It’s about on those occasions when something does go down in value, knowing that because the underlying company is real, you are going to wind up okay. Do you understand what we are saying? How many stocks have you owned that have never come back? ValueStockPlayers.com tries to distinguish permanent erosion of capital from temporary price fluctuation. Don’t ever forget the difference, or the market will make you pay dearly for the education?

ValueStockPlayers.com is not suggesting you buy stocks and hold them for years. VSP is telling you that the reflex rallies off the bottom for quality companies experiencing difficulty will provide you with returns that you can not experience any other way. You just have to make sure the company still has merit and is selling at a reasonable price, versus the fundamentals. That’s VSP’s job, and VSP believes it does it well. It also helps if the management is buying positions in the company on the open market. This is something our associates check every day.

ValueStockPlayers.com likes stocks when everybody hates them. The more they hate them, the more VSP likes them. The objective is to pick them, just when investors have nothing left to hate. In the investment world this is the equivalent of a stock being SOLD OUT. You know what we mean. Bad news just keeps coming, and the stock won’t go any lower. That’s SOLD OUT. It’s really an ideal time to own a stock.

Investors who have been with ValueStockPlayers.com a while know how our associates operate. VSP is particularly pleased with the results in the last year. It was a difficult market cycle at best. If you look at the stocks VSP liked, you will see that VSP did more than all right. You would be proud of ValueStockPlayers.com’s performance.

If you are with ValueStockPlayers.com, and follow our work, you won’t be buying at the top. You’ll be looking at ValueStockPlayers, or very close to the bottom. You will be selling them back to the major houses as they recommend them at the top. This is because most analysts are momentum players. This means they recommend stocks as they pierce their highs, hoping they go higher. ValueStockPlayers.com is no momentum players; we are VALUE PLAYERS. Ladies and gentlemen, if there was ever a time for VALUE INVESTING, this is it.


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