Value Stock's Philosophy’s philosophy is very simple, and is based upon several decades of experience. VSP looks for the finest entry opportunities available for you when a stock has been crushed in the market. Only at that point, will VSP write up the stock for your perusal. VSP does not write up a Coca-Cola at 50 times earnings, when all of Wall Street loves it, and then lie back and hope that the future is an extrapolation of the past. The future is never an extrapolation of the past. Usually, what works big in one year, is what hits rock bottom in the next.

You only have to look at the Internet Revolution of the last three years. Individuals and institutions representing individuals committed over one trillion dollars to the Initial Public Offerings of these stocks. That trillion dollar capital raise is now worth less than $ 50 billion, and seemingly going lower. If you are an investor in the Internet, you probably lost over 95 percent of your investment dollars. Last year, there were over 200 NASDAQ traded stocks selling at more than $ 100 per share. Recently, there were only eight such stocks. eliminates much of the nonsense and pure stupidity that is rampant in the marketplace today. As an example, there is no such thing as a neutral on a stock, yet every major brokerage/investment firm in America has the equivalent of such a term. If a stock is a neutral, then to VSP, it is a sell. Doesn’t it seem logical to you as an investor that you would dispose of all stocks labeled as “neutrals” and instead put the money into “buys”? Yet, Wall Street continues to use this term in spite of its foolishness. Why? It’s because Investment Banking firms do not want to embarrass big banking clients that supply millions in fees.

Remember, never confuse a bull market with brain power. This means, that a rising market can and will disguise a lot of bad investment ideas and recommendations. When the market is going wild on the upside, it is easy to make money. On the Street, we call it printing money. It is only when the market is going sideways or down that you can tell the men from the boys. It is not very comforting to know that 90 percent of the professionals currently on Wall Street have never seen a bear market. It’s pretty tough to go elephant hunting if you have no idea what the elephant looks like.

As an example, has been highly negative on Cisco since the stock was in the 80’s. Yes, you heard us right. In the 80’s when this stock was trading at several hundred times earnings, VSP wrote a multi-page write-up advocating that stocks like Cisco, Amazon, and Yahoo made no sense. Oh yes, they were and remain today “great companies”. When you are in the stock market however, it’s not about companies being great. It’s about what value they are selling at. Value is everything. Let us repeat that. VALUE IS EVERYTHING. If you can buy a dollar for a dime, you should trade all day. If you have to buy a dollar for five dollars, buddy stay away. That’s precisely what has happened and is happening with the Cisco’s, Yahoo’s, and Amazon’s of the world. People overpaid for them. Remember, when you overpay, and you are Long, you are Wrong.

The people who subscribe to come from all states of the United States, as well as Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Many are individual investors, who have been in the market for years. Many do their own homework; while some use brokers. Other subscribers are professional money managers and stockbrokers, who are less than satisfied with the flow of research that they are currently seeing in their pipeline.

The reasons are many and simple. If you work at a brokerage firm or investment house, you are in many ways limited to the information flow of that house. A major firm does not want their brokers buying their clients the ideas generated from another firm. This means the client is limited to the ideas generated by the brokerage firm where he or she has an account. sees the research of every major investment firm in the United States, Europe, and Asia. We compare it to one another. We rip it apart. We make our own decisions. VSP is free of financial bias.

What does it mean to be free of financial bias? First, will make two promises to you. Read carefully now, and ask yourself, can the people you are involved with say the following?

1) and the people (including our families) affiliated with receive no compensation, zero, nothing, not a penny from any company whose stock you will ever see us write about on this web-site.

2) In addition to the above statement, does not buy shares in the stocks we talk about. VSP does not tell you we like them, in the hopes of running them up in price and selling out at a profit. VSP does not do this for two reasons. The first reason is because it is 100 percent unethical to do this – to say nothing of what our nation’s securities laws have to say about it. Secondly, 90 percent of the companies VSP writes about are multi-billion dollar companies. VSP would have to buy millions upon millions of shares to run them up. VSP has no interest in that approach. We can assure you that others do.

Let’s elaborate on this concept of financial bias. What would you say about a large investment banking firm that gets $ 10 or $ 20 or $ 30 million dollars in investment banking fees from a company in a year, and then writes up a research report and tells you what a great buy the stock is? Would you say that they are financially biased? Would it surprise you that they like a company at $ 200 per share, and still like it at $ 150, and $ 100, at $ 75, and at $ 50 and then they put a sell on it at $ 15 or $ 20? This happens on Wall Street all the time. Folks, that’s why less than one percent (yes 1 %) of all Wall Street recommendations are sell recommendations. The firms are afraid of losing out on the potential investment banking business that they would be denied if they alienated the investment-banking client by knocking the stock in a research report.

When you read the above, a couple of things should become apparent to you. They are:

A) You either get it or you don’tAnd

B) Life rewards those who get into gear with reality

No matter what the reality is, you must understand it, and get into the flow of that reality to be successful. In the stock market, if the market is tanking 100 points a day for weeks, you don’t get in the way and show you are brave by buying stocks. You run for cover and wait for the tide to go your way. Remember that a smart swimmer always uses the current to his advantage.

If you want to get in the way of a bear market, you better be looking for suicide. You never catch a falling knife. It’s the same with the market. The market will tell you what stocks to buy. Just open your eyes and deal with reality.

When you read’s writings, you will find they are written in a “NO NONSENSE” fashion. They are unlike anything you have ever read associated with the stock market. They are written in a common sense, let’s make money, plain language manner. VSP doesn’t try to impress you with fancy language that’s meant to dazzle you, but is really nonsense. An example is when an analyst comes on the air and says, “Well yes, the stock was down today, but it was on low volume.” Buddy, VSP doesn’t care, down is down, whether a million shares traded or a thousand. does not have ideas every day. VSP calls people who do the “Stock du Jour Club”. There are investment firms today with over a thousand stocks on their buy listings. God bless them. It does not work as far as VSP is concerned. typically likes a handful of companies per month. Warren Buffett believes that a person should own perhaps only twenty stocks in a lifetime. We know people that buy twenty stocks per month. Folks, the stock market just does not work that way. You know in your heart that is right.

When VSP does like something, we e-mail you so that you know where VSP stands on a stock. So always make sure that has your best, most current e-mail address. When VSP no longer likes a stock, we e-mail you and tell you that too.

Sometimes the talented people we draw upon just sit around the table and discuss interesting ideas. You will hear about them when sends you special e-mails. They are called, you guessed it, “Sitting Around the Table”. Sometimes VSP will put together a commentary that is several pages long and you guessed it, VSP will e-mail it to you. Back in March of 2000, within one month of the NASDAQ peak, told people to get out of the Internet stocks and technology stocks. For those who listened, they are still wearing their pants. Those who did not listen, well, they lost their underwear too.

It really comes down to this. If you are tired of playing the game the same old way, then try playing with VSP promises you an intense, rewarding experience and an education in the market like you would not believe.

Remember folks:

If you always do, what you always did, you will always get what you always got. Of course if this too difficult, there’s always the definition of insanity to work with:

Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, expecting a different result. Try, and perhaps, just perhaps, your results will be different. In any event, wishes you all the success in the world in this market, and all future markets you will ever play in.

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