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A subscription to is yours for $99.95 for three months, or $ 349.95 for an entire year. You can pay for the subscription with the convenience of your credit card. Many Internet sites have a stock of the day, the same way that many brokerage firms do. We don’t believe that this approach leads to investment success.

We at do not have a minimum or maximum number of recommendations over any period of time because we only give you an idea when we see a wonderful opportunity. We will inform you via e-mail when we like an idea. You may also visit the website at your leisure. Keep in mind that we must always have your correct e-mail address for you to benefit fully from your membership.

Once again, when we like something we will e-mail you. When we no longer like something, we will e-mail you to tell you that this is an idea we no are no longer enthusiastic about.

It’s up to you to take our ideas and do your homework on them. You want to make the idea yours. This is done by looking at the public disseminated information that exists about any idea we like. Whether you study the financial statements or read the research that is available on stocks, you will only benefit by knowing as much as you can about any investment opportunity.

We like a stock because it makes sense to own it. When a stock feels heavy, as it always does at the top, we no longer like it. We have found that when it’s time to let go of a stock, that’s the point, when many Wall Street analysts are first recommending the security.