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We are an unbiased, independent subscription based stock selection service. We research large, publicly traded companies that are undervalued, and ready to make a move. As an investor you know the move off the bottom is where the big money is made. We find stocks to buy when every research analyst is walking away from them.

Remember when oil was $108 per barrel, and Wall Street was telling you to buy ENERGY STOCKS. That’s when you should be selling. When Wall Street hypes it, you want to sell it. When there’s blood in the streets is when you want to be a buyer as Warren Buffett likes to say. What this means for you is when oil got down to under $30 per barrel, we loaded up on energy stocks. Why, because we recognize the truth about things and not the nonsense that television commentators talk about which we call NOISE. At under $30 per barrel, the political stability of Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries is threatened.

This would be far more dangerous than our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nobody recognized this except for us. We are looking for three times to ten times our investment on energy stocks. What are you investing in. We don’t want you to put up a quarter to make a nickel. We want you to put up a dollar to make five. Isn’t this the way it is supposed to be. Your investment advisor is driving a Mercedes and you are trying to stay even in the market. It’s time to try something new and Value Stock Players.com is what is new.

We take no fees or stock warrants in any of the companies we write about. Our only source of revenue is your subscriber fee. This aligns your investment objectives with ours. We want you to make money, no more than that, we want you to make BIG MONEY. Just look at our track record on the left menu which gives our documented results from 2010. The numbers are staggering. We will put our results up against any professional money manager in the country. As you can see we were up 39% in 2015, and 26% in 2014 and 37% in 2013. What’s your advisors telling you to do?

First, let's cover what we give you

  1. We research UNDERVALUED STOCKS, STOCKS THAT ARE IN THE PROCESS OF BOTTOMING, and stocks that we are convinced are POISED FOR SUBSTANTIAL IMMEDIATE GAINS and are the best stocks to buy now.
  2. We E-MAIL you IMMEDIATELY when we have found a GREAT, TIMELY IDEA, from the center of our world to yours.
  3. We tell you what price the stock should be BOUGHT at, and at some point in the future, we tell you the PRICE it should be SOLD at.
  4. We are MARKET PROFESSIONALS, and yet our research is EASY TO READ, with NO HEDGING. You will very quickly appreciate that we are DECISIVE about what we like.
  5. We only write up WORLD RENOWNED companies. There are no untested start-ups in our work. You can sleep at night owning the stocks we like. This also LESSENS RISK, and that's what you want to do. On occasion we will select a small cap stock.
  6. We are INDEPENDENT, there is NO BIAS, we take no fees from any company, or companies we write about, and we operate with INTEGRITY in our work.
  7. We intentionally make our e-mails to you EASY TO READ, with a FOLKSY writing style. It's like we are in your living room with you discussing stocks.
  8. We're SMART FORMER PARTNERS of Wall Street firms, a track record that we believe you won't find anywhere else. We do the work, your portfolio shows the profits, what could be more comforting than that.
  9. Just about every week, you will get a copy of our famous "Sitting Around the Table" commentary where we tell you what's REALLY HAPPENING in the stock market, with our stocks, in the world financial arena and occasionally some stocks to watch. This is information you NEED to have, and if you are like our other subscribers, you will be sharing it with all your friends. We also offer at time some stocks to watch.
  10. Is our service expensive? It's about the cost of a meal for two at a fine restaurant every quarter, or we offer a more economical annual membership. Click on any one of the JOIN NOW buttons to see for yourself how reasonable GREAT WINNING IDEAS can be. Always keep in mind the cheapest thing in the world is the price of advice that works, and the most expensive is the cost of advice that doesn't work. Look at our track record - YOU DECIDE.
  11. While you're deciding, ponder this. We are the only ones who will give you a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Try our service, and get to know us. In the next 14 days, if you don't like what we are saying, if you don't think this is probably the best investment information you have ever received, than tell us, and we will GLADLY REFUND 100% of the cost of your subscription – NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We do this because we want you to be happy, and completely satisfied, if you're not, than you shouldn't be our subscriber. What have you got to lose with a GUARANTEE like this? Nobody else will offer you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We've taken away YOUR RISK, and made it OURS. NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear. Consider becoming a member of our family by

Second, let’s now cover who we are

We are a team of individuals that have spent our lifetimes involved in the financial markets. We have worked for some of the finest investment banking firms in the world. Some of us were partners of these firms. They include Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, and Bear Stearns. Our people understand financial statements because of their backgrounds at KPMG, and Arthur Andersen. Our founder is currently the Senior Managing Partner of an internationally prominent money management, and deal-making firm. To operate in the investment world at these levels, it tells you what our capabilities are. We are experts in large cap and small cap stocks.

We understand how money is made, and why certain individual investors lose money because of a lack of knowledge. Some lose because the game is biased against them. You need information to make money in the market, not the superficial information that Wall Street publishes for the masses. You need the information that Wall Street is giving to the big hitters, the investors they must always win for, because they are the bread and butter of a firm's revenue base.

Surely, it must have occurred to you that when a Wall Street firm manages money for a Chairman of a Fortune 100 company, somebody is getting preferential treatment? Somebody is getting the best stocks to buy now. Don't you think specific trades are done for very powerful people? When you are getting into a stock, the big money may be getting out. In fact, you may be buying the smart money's position. We think our partners are the SMART MONEY, and we want to give you the same kind of service that the SMART MONEY gets. Isn't this what you want?

If you want to make dramatic sums of money by investing in stocks, we suggest you join our subscribers, and read our reports and find the best stocks to buy now. We tell you the way it is. We tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear. Consider becoming a member of our family and please take advantage of this opportunity. We will E-Mail you our unbiased opinions, and the stocks to buy now. If you are like others, you will be telling your friends about us in a short period of time. Before coming to us, other subscribers realized that there's got to be another way. It's insanity to keep investing the same old way expecting a different result.

You have to try something new. We are that something new. Consider JOINING NOW with a 3-month subscription, and become a member of the valuestockplayers.com family of subscribers. Our readers not only enjoy the ideas we generate, but love the entertainment as well and we will find the best stocks to buy now.

Learn about the market as it really is, not with the hedging, and maybes that you get from the media, and other services. We offer a 3-month subscription, and a 1-year subscription, which saves you money. Whichever you choose, we are confident you will be pleased, and so will your portfolio, and don't forget MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. You have no risk. We have taken on the risk. Our track record, which you can see for yourself, has no equal in the world of professional money management. This is why hedge fund managers, mutual fund managers, stockbrokers, and financial planners are some of our long-standing customers. Just go to the navigation bar on the left hand side of this Home Page, and click the second button down that says "OUR TRACK RECORD" and we will show you every trade that we have done over the years. You will see our yearly results for yourself. Since 2010, we have averaged an annual return of 30% per year using stocks that you can sleep owning at night.

Warren Buffett has said many, many times that you want to own stocks that you can sleep at night owning. He has stated that if you went into a coma and woke up 10 years later, he would want to know that the stocks he owned when he fell asleep would be not just okay, but would have made him a fortune over those ten years. These are the types of stocks we look for, and you should own, not fly-by-night, no earnings, no sales, and only a story stocks. You can't take stories to the bank and deposit them what you need is the best stocks to buy now and which stocks to watch. You can only take profits, and that's what we help you with - PROFITS.

If there's anyone else in the industry with our real-time money making performance than let us know. We would like to subscribe to their service. We created a 31% gain in Crescent Real Estate, a very conservative real estate investment trust (REIT). We only get involved with large, well-capitalized companies and some special small cap stocks, the vast majority of which trade on the New York Stock Exchange. We do not tell you about obscure, over the counter companies that trade by appointment. We leave that to the hucksters, and the charlatans.

We told our subscribers to sell Wynn International, the finest Las Vegas casino corporation in the business. The gain was 35% in a few months. These are real companies with real revenues. We are VALUE PLAYERS. We buy when nobody wants them, and sell them when the momentum players are beating down our doors to buy them from us.

Do our subscribers make the last dollar in a stock? Absolutely not, you always want to leave a point or two on the table for the guy who takes you out. This is because in the future way, he will come right back again, and take you out again. The world of stocks is a wonderful business and we know what stock to watch.

You know names like Office Depot. Subscribers made 30 percent on this stock. Johnson and Johnson, the world's largest medical device company and the oldest stock on the New York Stock Exchange brought our subscribers a 27% return. Time Warner and Texas Instruments brought us 25% and 36% gains respectively. You know these companies. You should be investors in these types of stocks, but only at the right price. Every stock has a right price to buy we do know the best stocks to buy now.

Remember, there's also our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We are putting our reputation on the line, and backing if up with a GUARANTEE to give you additional comfort, the comfort you need to make a decision to become a member of our family. If you have read enough, than

If you want to know more, than listen up folks. We don't know if the returns you will generate by using our services will be the same as the above returns. What we can tell you is that we don't have a thousand stocks on a "Buy List" like some firms. We limit our ideas to what we really believe in. Is that true of the sources you are relying on currently, for your investment ideas and strategies?

We have never found anyone who could generate a thousand winners, and you know that many winners just don't exist. Some investors own so many stocks; they effectively become an index fund of the market. They do no better, and no worse than the broad based indices. This is not how the real money is made.

You've always known how the big money is made in the market. Keying in on a handful of winning stocks, and riding them up like a rocket makes the big money. We have stockbrokers who are subscribers. We have money managers, and hedge funds that are subscribers. We even have brokerage firms as subscribers because we are unbiased.

We have no axe to grind. We have no agenda, other than helping you make money. We never, ever take positions for ourselves in the stocks we tell you we like. What we love is being able to give you, the individual investor the same kind of ideas that the big boys pay a fortune to hear about. Are you the type of investor that appreciates stock ideas that really work? If you are, than consider working with us and

You are going to love our SITTING AROUND THE TABLE commentaries here at valuestockplayers.com. We tell it like it is. Some of the things we tell you, you may not want to hear, but we tell you anyway. Would any brokerage firm ever tell you that 90% of all investors who buy on margin get margined out at some point?

If we could give you a handful of rules for "how to invest", one of them would be NEVER, EVER invest on margin. Do you know any investors who want to be told to watch out for technology stocks when they are trading at all time highs? They want to buy more, while the SMART MONEY is GETTING OUT. We monitor insider trading on every publicly held company. We don't want to be on the wrong side of a man with information, and never do you. We called the top of the last bull market, and we sure are going to try to call this one too. We knew when hundreds of stocks were overvalued, and we did everything we could to help our subscribers get out of them, and into safe harbors. When the storm comes, you don't want to be out at sea. The stock market works the same way.

If your portfolio is full of stocks that trade at a hundred times earnings, or trade on no earnings at all as a concept stock than you own the wrong stocks. Fantasy investing has never worked long term, and never will. If you want real stocks from real professionals than

We can tell you the truth as we see it because we are objective. We do not function as investment bankers for any company we tell you about. There's a simple reason why we function this way. For those that do, the opinions of their investment banking clients are more important than an honest opinion about whether a stock is a buy or a sell. Take a look at our closed out positions link, and see for yourself the quality of the stocks we write about and we wll always tell you the best stocks to buy now.

If you look at our track record, we even show you the ideas that didn't work out. Nobody gets get it right 100% of the time, and you need to know this. This is why you must diversify. You must own a basket of stocks in order to maximize your gains. Make up your own mind, if these are the kinds of returns you would be happy with in your portfolio? We think the answer is a RESOUNDING YES. If you like what you see, than become a member and

95% of professional money managers fail to achieve a return for their investors equal to the Dow Jones return, or the S&P 500 rate of return.

Bernard Baruch, the legendary 20th century investor said, "If you want to make money, big money, buy that which is being thrown away."

Finally, this is a great way to approach the market that's both sensible, and minimizes risk.

Most analysts in most brokerage firms recommend stocks within 10% of their tops. That's right they put out "BUY" recommendations within 10% of a stock's top. WHERE'S THE PROFIT in that approach?

Right now, as an individual investor you can discover DISTRESSED, and UNDRERVALUED stocks today. We have a unique stock selection, and recommendation service at valuestockplayers.com. We scan the financial markets for companies whose price is at historic lows. We do in-depth research to determine the viability, and potential of the companies we look at. We analyze the fundamentals to ensure staying power relative to the markets.

Only after we do our exhaustive analysis do we select a company for inclusion in our list of UNDERVALUDED stocks. You've always known that extraordinary gains have been available in both bull, and bear markets. At the bottom, we research and select only a handful of the incredible number of companies, and ideas that we investigate.

In the final analysis, isn't it about MAKING MONEY? The modern money manager lives and dies by where he stands in the rankings of return on investments. We live in a sophisticated society with up to the minute information available to each of us. This is why we are telling you to look at our "closed out positions" on the Home Page.

Read how we called the top of the technology market, and the end of the Internet boom. Always invest only after you do your homework. Don't accept curbstone opinions on something as important as your money.

You'll be glad you did, and your portfolio will be BETTER OFF for it too. Please feel free to take a trip through our award winning website. Once you go through the noise of seeing what's available on the Internet, you will be glad you found our service. We are unique.

We have been here for years, and our subscribers renew quarter after quarter, and year after year. We have to be doing something right to survive in a world of constant change. We welcome you as a member of our family of subscribers. Please take the time to do your portfolio a favor and

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AAN Aaron's Inc. KCI Kinetic Concepts
AAP Advance Auto Parts Inc KCP Kenneth Cole Productions
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AAT American Assets Trust KDN Kaydon Corp.
AAV Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd KED Kayne Anderson Energy Development Company
AB Alliance Capital Management L.P. KEF Korea Equity Fund
ABB Abb Ltd. KEG Key Energy Services
ABC Amerisourcebergen Corporation KEM Kemet Corp.
ABD Acco Brands Corp. KEP Korea Electric Power Corp.
ABG Asbury Automotive Group Inc KEX Kirby Corp.
ABH Abitibibowater Inc KEY Keycorp
ABM Abm Industries Incorporated KEY-E Keycorp Capital Xi
ABR Arbor Realty Trust KEY-F Keycorp Cap X
ABT Abbott Laboratories KEY-G Keycorp Pfd Ser A
ABV Companhia De Bebidas - Ambev KF Korea Fund
ABV.C Companhia De Bebidas - Ambev KFN Kkr Financial
ABVT Abovenet Inc KFS Kingsway Financial Services
ABW-A Asbc Capital I 7.625 KFT Kraft Foods Inc.
ABX Barrick Gold Corp. KFY Korn/Ferry International
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ACN Accenture Plc. KIM-G Kimco Rlty Pfd G
ACO Amcol International Corp. KIM-H Kimco Realty Corporation Deposi
ACP Avenue Income Credit Strategies KKD Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
ACTV Active Control Techn KKR Kkr
ACW Accuride Corporation New KMB Kimberly-Clark Corp.
ADC Agree Realty Corp. KMF Kayne Anderson Midstream Energy Fund
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AGL Agl Resources KSU.P Kansas Cty Sthn 4%
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AHS Amn Healthcare Services Inc L Loews Corp.
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AI Arlington Asset Investment Corp LCC US Airways Group Inc. New
AIG American International Group LCM Advent/Claymore Enhanced Growth &
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AKP Alliance California Muni LGI Lazard Global Total Return And
AKR Acadia Realty Trust LH Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings
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ALE Allete LHO-H Lasalle Hotl 8.375 B
ALEX Alexander & Baldwin LII Lennox International
ALG Alamo Group LIZ Liz Claiborne
ALJ Alon Usa Energy LL Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc
ALK Alaska Air Group LLL L-3 Communications Holdings
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AMP-A Ameriprise Financial LSI Lsi Logic Corp.
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AMT American Tower Corp. LTM Life Time Fitness
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AN Autonation LUV Southwest Airlines Company
ANF Abercrombie & Fitch Company LUX Luxottica Group S.P.A.
ANH Anworth Mortgage Asset Corp. LVB Steinway Musical Instruments
ANH-A Anworth Mtg Pfd A LVS Las Vegas Sands
ANH-B Anworth 6.25 Pr S B LXK Lexmark International
ANN Ann Inc LXP Lexington Realty Trust
ANR Alpha Natural Resources LXP-B Lexington Real Pfd B
ANW Aegean Marine Petroleum Network LXP-C Lexington Realty Tru
AOB American Oriental Bioengineering LXP-D Lexington Rlty Tr
AOD Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend LXU Lsb Industries Inc.
AOI Alliance One International LYB Lyondellbasell Industries Nv
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APB Asia Pacific Fund Inc. MAA Mid-America Apartment Communities
APC Anadarko Petroleum Corp. MAC Macerich Company
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APH Amphenol Corp. MAN Manpower Inc
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APU Amerigas Partners L.P. MAV Pioneer Muni High Income Advantage Trust
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ARE Alexandria Real Estate Equities MCA Blackrock Muniyield California Insured Fund
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ARG Airgas MCD Mcdonald's Corp.
ARH-A Arch Cap 8 Pfd MCI Massmutual Corporate Investors
ARH-B Arch Capital Pfd B MCK Mckesson Corp.
ARI Apollo Commercial Real Estate MCN Madison/Claymore Covered Call & Equity Strategy
ARJ Arch Chemicals MCO Moody's Corp.
ARK Senior High Income Portfolio MCP Molycorp Inc
ARL American Realty Investors MCP-A Molycorp Inc Pfd Conv Ser A
ARO Aeropostale Inc MCR Mfs Charter Income Trust
ARR Armour Residential R MCS Marcus Corp.
ART Artio Global Investors Inc. MCY Mercury General Corp.
ARW Arrow Electronics MD Mednax Inc
ARX Aeroflex Holding MDC M.D.C. Holdings
ARY Ares Capital Corp. MDP Meredith Corp.
ASA Asa Gold And Precious Metals MDR Mcdermott International
ASG Liberty All-Star Growth Fund MDS Midas
ASH Ashland Inc. MDT Medtronic
ASI American Safety Insurance Holdings MDU Mdu Res Group Inc
ASP American Strategic Income Portfolio MED Medifast Inc
ASR Grupo Aeroportuario Del Sureste MEG Media General
ASX Advanced Semiconductor Engineering MEI Methode Electronics
AT Atlantic Power Corp. MEN Blackrock Munienhanced Fund
ATE Advantest Corporation Ads MER-D Merrill Lyn 7.0 Topr
ATI Allegheny Technologies Inc. MER-E M L Cap Tr 7.12
ATK Alliant Techsystems Inc. MER-F Merrill Ly Cap V7.28
ATLS Atlas Energy Llc MER-K Ml 6.45% Trust Pfd
ATO Atmos Energy Corp. MER-M Ml Cap Tr Ii 6.45% P
ATR Aptargroup MER-P Ml Cap Tr III 7.375%
ATT AT&T Inc. MET Metlife
ATU Actuant Corp. MET-A Metlife Pfd A Fltg
ATV Acorn International MET-B Metlife Inc Pfd B
ATW Atwood Oceanics MF Mf Global Holdings Ltd
AU Anglogold Ashanti Ltd MFA Mfa Financial Inc
AU-A Anglogold Ashanti Holdings Fin MFA-A Mfa Finl 8.50% A
AUO Au Optronics Corp MFB Maidenform Brands
AUQ Aurioo Gold Inc MFC Manulife Financial Corp
AUY Yamana Gold MFD Macquarie/First Trust Global
AV Aviva Plc MFG Mizuho Financial Group
AVA Avista Corp. MFL Blackrock Muniholdings Investment Quality Fund
AVB Avalonbay Communities MFM Mfs Muni Income Trust
AVD American Vanguard Corp. MFT Blackrock Muniyield Investment Qualityfund
AVF American International Group MFV Mfs Special Value Trust
AVK Advent Claymore Convertible Securities MFW M&F Worldwide Corp.
AVP Avon Products MG Mistras Group Inc
AVT Avnet MGA Magna International
AVX Avx Corp. MGF Mfs Government Markets Income Trust
AVY Avery Dennison Corp. MGI Moneygram International
AWC Alumina Ltd MGM Mgm Resorts International
AWF Alliance World Dollar Fund Ii MGU Macquarie Global Infrastructure Total Return Fun
AWH Allied World Assurance Company MHD Blackrock Muniholdings Fund
AWI Armstrong World Industries Inc MHF Western Asset Muni High
AWK American Water Works MHI Pioneer Muni High Income Trust
AWP Alpine Global Premier Properties MHK Mohawk Industries
AWR American States Water Company MHN Blackrock Muniholdings New York Quality Fund
AXE Anixter International Inc. MHNA Maiden Holdings North America
AXL American Axle & Manufacturing MHO M/I Homes
AXP American Express Company MHO-A M/I Homes Sr A Pf Ds
AXR Amrep Corp. MHP Mcgraw-Hill Companies
AXS Axis Capital Holdings MHR Magnum Hunter Resources Corp.
AXS-A Axis Capital Pfd A MHS Medcohealth Solutions Inc
AYI Acuity Brands Inc MHY Western Asset Managed High
AYN Alliance New York Muni MIC Macquarie Infrastructure Company Trust
AYR Aircastle Limited MIG Meadowbrook Insurance Group
AZN Astrazeneca Plc MIL Bank Millennium S.A.
AZO Autozone MILL Miller Petroleum
AZZ Azz Inc. MIM Mi Developments Inc
B Barnes Group MIN Mfs Intermediate Income Trust
BA Boeing Company MITT Ag Mortgage Investment Trust
BAC Bank Of America Corp. MIY Blackrock Muniyield Michigan Quality Fund
BAC-B Bac Cap Trust X MJH Ms S.A.C. Saturns Ge Series 2002-14
BAC-C Bac Capital Tr Xii MJI Blackrock Muniyield New Jersey Quality Fund
BAC-D Bac Dep Share D MJN Mead Johnson Nutrition Company
BAC-E Bank Amer Corp Dep R MKC Mccormick & Company Inc.
BAC-H Bank Amer Corp Pfd H MKC.V Mccormick & Company Inc.
BAC-I Bank Amer Corp Pfd MKL Markel Corp.
BAC-J Bank Of America Pfd MKS Ms S.A.C. Saturns Ge Series 2002-14
BAC-L Bank Amer Pfd Ser L MKV Markel Corp.
BAC-U Bac Cap Tr IV MLG Metlife
BAC-V Bac Capital Trust Ii MLI Mueller Industries
BAC-W Bac Capital Trust I MLM Martin Marietta Materials
BAC-X Bac Cap Tr III MLP Maui Land & Pineapple Company
BAC-Y Bac Cap Tr V 6% Cap MLR Miller Industries
BAC-Z Bac Cap Tr ViII MLU Metlife Inc.
BAC.A Bank Of America Corporation Bac MMC Marsh & Mclennan Companies
BAC.B Bank Of America Corporation Bac MMI Motorola Mobility
BAF Blackrock Income Inv Quality Trust MMM 3M Company
BAH Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp. MMP Magellan Midstream Partners L.P.
BAK Copene-Petroquimica Do Nordeste MMR Mcmoran Exploration Company
BALT Baltic Trading Limited MMS Maximus
BAM Brookfield Asset Management Inc MMT Mfs Multimarket Income Trust
BAP Credicorp Ltd MMU Western Asset Managed Municipals Fund
BAS Basic Energy Services MNE Blackrock Muni New York Intermediate Duration Fu
BAX Baxter International Inc. MNI Mcclatchy Company
BBD Banco Bradesco Sa MNP Western Asset Muni Partners Fund
BBF Blackrock Muni Income Trust MNR Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corp.
BBG Bill Barrett Corp. MNR-A Monmouth Real Estate Inv
BBK Blackrock Muni Trust MO Altria Group
BBL Bhp Billiton Plc MOD Modine Manufacturing Company
BBN Balckrock Build America Trust MOG.A Moog Inc.
BBT BB&T Corp. MOG.B Moog Inc.
BBT-A BB&T Capital Trust V Enhanced T MOH Molina Healthcare Inc
BBT-B BB&T Capital Trst Vi MON Monsanto Company
BBT-C BB&T Capital Trust V MOS Mosaic Company
BBVA Banco Bilbao Viscaya Argentaria S.A. MOV Movado Group Inc.
BBW Build-A-Bear Workshop MP-D Mississippi Pr 5.25
BBX Bankatlantic Bancorp MPA Blackrock Muniyield Pennsylvania Quality Fund
BBY Best Buy Co. MPC Marathon Petroleum Corporation
BC Brunswick Corp. MPG Mpg Office Trust
BCA Corpbanca MPG-A Maguire Pptys Pfd A
BCE Bce MPJ Mississippi Power Company
BCF Blackrock Real Asset Equity Trust MPR Met-Pro Corp.
BCH Banco De Chile MPV Massmutual Participation Investors
BCO Brink's Company MPW Medical Properties Trust
BCR C.R. Bard MPX Marine Products Corp.
BCS Barclays Plc MQT Blackrock Muniyield Quality Fund Ii
BCS-A Barclays Ads MQY Blackrock Muniyield Quality Fund
BCS-C Barclays Bank 4 Ads MR Mindray Medical International Limited
BCS-D Barclays Bank Plc MRF American
BCS.P Barclays Bk Adr Sr 2 MRH Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd
BCX Blackrock Resources Common Shar MRH-A Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd
BDC Belden Inc MRK Merck & Company
BDF Rivus Bond Fund MRO Marathon Oil Corp.
BDJ Blackrock Enhanced Dividend Achievers MRT Morton's Restaurant Group
BDN Brandywine Realty Trust MRT-A Morton Restaurant Group Inc.
BDN-C Brandywine Rty Pfd C MRX Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp.
BDN-D Brandywine Rly Pfd D MS Morgan Stanley
BDT Blackrock Strategic Dividend Achievers MS-A Morgan Stanley Prfd 'A'
BDV Blackrock Dividend Achievers Trust MSA Mine Safety Appliances Company
BDX Becton Dickinson And Company MSB Mesabi Trust
BEE Strategic Hotels & Resorts Inc MSD Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Debt
BEE-A Strategic Hotels A MSF Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Fund Inc
BEE-B Strategic Hotel Pf B MSI Motorola Solutions
BEE-C Strategic H&R Srs C MSJ Morgan Stanley Cap Trust Vi Cap Securities
BEN Franklin Resources MSK Morgan Stanley Cap Tr ViII Gdt Cap Securities
BF.A Brown Forman Inc A MSM Msc Industrial Direct Company
BF.B Brown Forman Inc B MSO Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
BFK Blackrock Muni Income Trust MSP Madison Strategic Sector Premium Fund
BFO Blackrock Florida Muni 2020 Trust MSY Invesco High Yield Investments Fund
BFR Bbva Banco Frances S.A. MSZ Morgan Stanley Capital Trust Vii Cap Secs
BFS Saul Centers MT Arcelormittal
BFS-A Saul Ctrs Dep Pfd A MTB M&T Bank Corp.
BFS-B Soul Centers Pfd Ads MTB-A M&T Cap Tr Pfd
BFZ Blackrock California Muni Trust MTD Mettler-Toledo International
BG Bunge Limited MTE Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd
BGC General Cable Corp. MTG Mgic Investment Corp.
BGE-B Bge Capital Trust Ii MTH Meritage Corp.
BGG Briggs & Stratton Corp. MTL Mechel Steel Group Oao
BGR Blackrock Energy And Resources Trust MTL.P Mechel Steel Group Oao American
BGS B&G Foods Holdings MTN Vail Resorts
BGT Blackrock Global MTOR Arvinmeritor
BGX Blackstone Gso Long Short Credit Fund MTP Mlp & Strategic Equity Fund Inc.
BGY Blackrock International MTR Mesa Royalty Trust
BH Biglari Holdings Inc. MTRN Brush Wellman Inc
BHD Blackrock Strategic Trust MTS Montgomery Street Income Securities
BHE Benchmark Electronics MTT Western Asset Muni Defined Opportunity Trust Inc
BHI Baker Hughes Inc. MTU Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group Inc
BHK Blackrock Core Trust MTW Manitowoc Company
BHL Blackrock Defined Opportunity Trust MTX Minerals Technologies Inc.
BHP Bhp Billiton Limited MTZ Mastec
BHY Blackrock High Yield Trust MUA Blackrock Muniassets Fund
BID Sotheby's Holdings MUC Blackrock Muniholdings California Quality Fund
BIE Blackrock Muni Bond Investment Trust MUE Blackrock Muniholdings Quality Fund Ii
BIF Uslife Income Fund MUH Blackrock Muniholdings Fund Ii
BIG Big Lots MUI Blackrock Muni Intermediate Duration Fund Inc
BIN Iesi-Bfc Ltd MUJ Blackrock Muniholdings New Jersey Insured Fund
BIO Bio-Rad Laboratories MUR Murphy Oil Corp.
BIO.B Bio Rad Labs Cl B MUS Blackrock Muniholdings Quality Fund
BIP Brookfield Infrastructure Partners Lp MUSA Metals Usa Holdings
BITA Bitauto Holdings Limited MVC Mvc Capital
BJZ Blackrock California Muni 2018 Trust MVO Mv Oil Trust
BK Bank Of New York Mellon Corp. MVT Blackrock Munivest Fund Ii
BK-E Bny Cap IV 6.75 E MW Men's Wearhouse
BK-F Bny Cap V Tr Pfd F MWA Mueller Water Products
BKD Brookdale Senior Living Inc. MWE Markwest Energy Partners Lp
BKE Buckle MWG Morgan Stanley Cap Tr IV Gtd Cap Secs
BKH Black Hills Corp. MWO Morgan Stanley Cap Tr V Gtd Cap Secs
BKI Buckeye Technologies MWR Morgan Stanley Cap Tr III Capital Trust Securiti
BKK Blackrock Muni 2020 Trust MWV Meadwestvaco Corp.
BKN Blackrock Investment Quality Municipal MWW Monster Worldwide
BKS Barnes & Noble MX Magnachip Semiconductor Corp.
BKT Blackrock Income Trust Inc. MXE Mexico Equity And
BKU Bankunited MXE.P Mexico Eq And Inc Fd
BLC Belo Corp. MXF Mexico Fund
BLH Blackrock New York Muni 2018 Trust MXL Maxlinear Inc
BLK Blackrock MXT Maxcom Telecomunicaciones Sab De Cv
BLL Ball Corp. MY China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited
BLT Blount International MYC Blackrock Muniyield California Fund
BLW Blackrock Limited Duration Income Trust MYD Blackrock Muniyield Fund
BLX Banco Latinoamericano De Comercio MYE Myers Industries
BMA Banco Macro S.A. MYF Blackrock Muniyield Investment Fund
BME Blackrock Health Sciences Trust MYI Blackrock Muniyield Quality Fund III
BMI Badger Meter MYJ Blackrock Muniyield New Jersey Fund
BML-G Bank America Dep G MYM Blackrock Muniyield Michigan Quality Fund Ii
BML-H Bank America Dep H MYN Blackrock Muniyield New York Quality Fund
BML-I Bank America Dep I MZF Managed Duration Investment Grade Fund
BML-J Bank America Dep J N Netsuite Inc
BML-L Bank America Dep L NAC Nuveen California Divadv Fund
BML-N Bank America Dep N NAD Nuveen Divadv Fund
BML-O Bank America Dep O NAD-C Nuveen Div Advantage Muni Fd
BML-Q Bank America Dep Q NAI Agic International & Premium Strategy Fund
BMO Bank Of Montreal NAN Nuveen New York Divadv Fund
BMR Biomed Realty Trust NAN-C Nuveen Ny Div Advantage Muni F
BMR-A Biomed Realty Tr Pfd NAN-D Nuveen New York Dividend Advan
BMS Bemis Company NAT Nordic American Tanker Shipping Limited
BMY Bristol-Myers Squibb Company NAV Navistar International Corp.
BNA Blackrock Income Opportunity Trust Inc. NAV-D Navistar Intl Pfd D
BNJ Blackrock New Jersey Muni Income Trust NAZ Nuveen Arizona Premium Fund
BNS Bank Of Nova Scotia NBB Nuveen Build America Bond Fund
BNY Blackrock New York Muni Trust Inc. NBD Nuveen Build America Bond Opportunity Fund
BOE Blackrock Global NBG National Bank Of Greece Sa
BOH Bank Of Hawaii Corp. NBG-A Natl Bk Of Gr Pfd Ad
BORN China New Borun Corp. NBL Noble Energy Inc.
BOX Seacube Container Leasing Ltd NBR Nabors Industries
BP Bp P.L.C. NC Nacco Industries
BPI Bridgepoint Education NCA Nuveen California Muni Value Fund
BPK Blackrock Muni 2018 Trust NCC-A National City Cap
BPL Buckeye Partners L.P. NCC-B Nat City Cap Tr Pfd
BPO Brookfield Properties Corp. NCC-C National Cty Cap Pfd
BPP Blackrock Preferred Oopportunity Trust NCI Navigant Consulting
BPT Bp Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust NCL Nuveen Insured California Premium Fund Ii
BPZ Bpz Resources Inc NCO Nuveen California Muni Market Opportunity Fund
BQH Blackrock New York Muni Trust NCP Nuveen California Performance Plus Fund
BQR Blackrock Ecosolutions Investment Trust NCR Ncr Corp.
BR Broadridge Financial Solutions Llc NCS Nci Building Systems
BRC Brady Corp. NCT Newcastle Investment Corp.
BRE Bre Properties NCT-B Newcastle Inv Pfd B
BRE-D Bre Pptys Pfd D NCT-C Newcastle Inv Pfd C
BRFS Brf-Brasil Foods S.A. NCT-D Newcastle Invt Corp
BRK.A Berkshire Hath Hld A NCU-C Nuveen California Premium Inco
BRK.B Berkshire Hath Hld B NCV Agic Convertible &
BRO Brown & Brown NCZ Agic Convertible & Ii
BRP Brookfield Residential Propert NDN 99 Cents Only Stores
BRS Bristow Group Inc NDZ Nordion Inc.
BRT Brt Realty Trust NE Noble Corp.
BRY Berry Petroleum Company NEA-C Nuveen Insd Tax-Free
BSBR Banco Santander Brasil Sa NED Noah Education Holdings Ltd
BSD Blackrock Strategic Muni Trust Inc. NEE Nextera Energy
BSE Blackrock New York Muni Income Trust NEE-C Fpl Group Inc. 5 7/8% Preferre
BSI Alon Holdings - Blue Square Israel Ltd NEE-F Fpl Group Inc. Fpl Group Capit
BSL Blackstone Gso Senior Floating Rate NEM Newmont Mining Corp.
BSP American Strategic Income Portfolio Ii NEU Newmarket Corp.
BSX Boston Scientific Corp. NEV Nuveen Enhanced Muni Value Fund
BT Bt Group Plc NFC-C Nuveen Connecticut Dividend Adv
BTA Blackrock Long-Term Muni Advantage Trust NFG National Fuel Gas Company
BTE Baytex Energy Corp NFJ Nfj Dividend Interest & Premium Strategy Fund
BTF Boulder Total Return Fund NFM-C Nuveen Maryland Dividend Advant
BTH Blyth NFP National Financial Partners Corp.
BTM Brasil Telecom Participacoes S.A. NFX Newfield Exploration Company
BTM.C Brasil Telecom Participacoes S.A. NGB-C Nuveen Va Dvd Adv Muni Fd
BTO John Hancock Bank And Thrift Fund NGG National Grid Transco Plc
BTU Peabody Energy Corp. NGK-C Nuveen Connecticut Dividend Adv
BTZ Blackrock Preferred NGL Ngl Energy Partners Lp
BUD Anheuser-Busch Inbev Sa NGLS Targa Resources Partners Lp
BVN Compania Mina Buenaventura S.A. NGO-C Nuveen Connecticut Div Advanta
BWA Borgwarner Inc. NGS Natural Gas Services Group
BWC Babcock & Wilcox Company NGT Eastern American Natural Gas Trust
BWF Wells Fargo & Company NGX-C Nuveen Insured Massachusetts T
BWP Boardwalk Pipeline Partners L.P. NGZ Agic Global Equity & Convertible
BWS Brown Shoe Company NHI National Health Investors
BX The Blackstone Group L.P. NI Nisource Inc
BXC Bluelinx Holdings Inc. NIE Agic Equity & Convertible
BXG Bluegreen Corp. NIF Nuveen Premier Insured Muni
BXP Boston Properties NII-C Nuveen North Carolina Muni Fd
BXS Bancorpsouth NIM Nuveen Maturities Fund
BXS-A Bancorpsouth Cp Tr I NIO Nuveen Insured Muni Opportunity Fund
BYD Boyd Gaming Corp. NJ Nidec Corporation
BYI Bally Technologies NJR Newjersey Resources Corp.
BYM Blackrock Muni Income Quality Trust NKA Niska Gas Storage Partners Llc
BZ Boise Inc NKE Nike
BZH Beazer Homes Usa NKG-C Nuveen Georgia Div Adv Mun Fd
BZMD Beazer Homes Usa NKR-C Nuveen Arizona Dividend Advanta
BZU Beazer Homes Usa NL Nl Industries
C Citigroup Inc. NLC Nalco Holding Company
C-E Cg Cp Xvii 6.35 Trup NLS Nautilus Group
C-F Citigrp Cap Xix Pfd NLSN Nielsen Holdings N.V.
C-G Citigroup Cap Xx NLY Annaly Capital Management Inc
C-H Citigroup Inc NLY-A Annaly Capital Manag
C-I Citigroup Inc Pfd NM Navios Maritime Holdings Inc.
C-J Citigroup Capital Xii NMA Nuveen Muni Advantage Fund
C-M Citigroup Pfd F NMD Nuveen Muni High Income Opportunity
C-N Citigroup Capital XiII NMFC New Mountain Finance Corporati
C-O Citigrp 6.875% Encha NMI Nuveen Muni
C-P Citigroup Pfd Ser Aa NMK-B Niagara Mohawk Holdings Inc. P
C-Q Citigrp Cap Vi Trups NMK-C Niagara Mohawk 3.60
C-R Citigroup Cap X NMM Navios Maritime Partners Lp
C-S Citigroup Cap Ix 6.0 NMO Nuveen Muni Market Opportunity Fund
C-U Citigroup Capital Xv NMP Nuveen Michigan Premium Fund
C-V Citigroup Cap Vii NMR Nomura Holdings Inc Adr
C-W Citigroup Inc. 6.45% NMT Nuveen Massachusetts Premium Fund
C-Z Citigroup Cap ViII NMT-C Nuveen Mass Prem Inc
C.A Citigroup Inc Wrnt 'A' NMT-D Nuveen Massachusetts Premium In
C.B Citigroup Inc Wrnt 'B' NMY Nuveen Maryland Premium Fund
CAB Cabela's Inc NMY-C Nuveen Maryland Premium Mun Fd
CACI Caci International NMY-D Nuveen Maryland Premium Income
CAE Cae Inc NNA Navios Maritime Acquisition Corp.
CAF Morgan Stanley China A Share Fund Inc. NNA.W Navios Maritime Acquisition Corporation
CAG Conagra Foods NNB-C Nuveen Va Divid Adv
CAH Cardinal Health NNC Nuveen North Carolina Premium Fund
CAJ Canon NNC-C Nuveen Nc Prem Inc
CALX Calix Inc NNC-D Nuveen North Carolina Premium
CAM Cameron International Corp. NNF Nuveen Insured New York Premium Fund
CAP Cai International NNI Nelnet
CAS Castle [A.M.] & Co. NNJ Nuveen New Jersey Premium Fund
CASC Cascade Corp. NNN National Retail Properties
CAT Caterpillar NNN-C Commercial Net Lease
CATO Cato Corp. NNO-C Nuveen North Carolina Dividend
CB Chubb Corp. NNP Nuveen New York Performance Plus Fund
CBB Cincinnati Bell Inc NNY Nuveen New York Muni Value Fund
CBB-B Cincinnati Bell Pr B NOA North American Energy Partners
CBD Companhia Brasileira De Distribuicao NOAH Noah Holdings Ltd
CBE Cooper Industries Plc. NOC Northrop Grumman Corp.
CBG Cbre Group Inc NOK Nokia Corp.
CBI Chicago Bridge & Iron Company N.V. NOM-C Nuveen Missouri Premium Income
CBK Christopher & Banks Corp. NOR Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp.
CBL Cbl & Associates Properties NOV National-Oilwell
CBL-C Cbl & Associates Properties In NP Neenah Paper
CBL-D Cbl Pfd D NPC Nuveen Insured California Premium
CBM Cambrex Corp. NPD China Nepstar Chain Drugstore Ltd
CBR Ciber NPF Nuveen Premier Muni
CBS Cbs Corp. NPG-C Nuveen Ga Pim Fund
CBS.A Cbs Corp. NPI Nuveen Premium Fund
CBT Cabot Corp. NPK National Presto Industries
CBU Community Bank System NPM Nuveen Premium Fund Ii
CBZ Cbiz NPO Enpro Industries
CCC Calgon Carbon Corp. NPP Nuveen Performance Plus Fund
CCE Coca-Cola Enterprises NPT Nuveen Premium Fund IV
CCG Campus Crest Communities NPTN Neophotonics Corp.
CCH Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Co NPV Nuveen Virginia Premium Fund
CCI Crown Castle International Corp. NPV-A Nuveen Virginia Premium Income
CCJ Cameco Corp. NPV-C Nuveen Va Prem Inc
CCK Crown Cork & Seal Company NPX Nuveen Insured Premium Fund Ii
CCL Carnival Corp. NPY Nuveen Pennsylvania Premium Fund Ii
CCM Concord Medical Services NQ Netqin Mobile Inc.
CCO Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings NQC Nuveen California Investment
CCS Comcast Corp. NQI Nuveen Insured Quality Fund
CCSC Country Style Cooking NQJ Nuveen New Jersey Investment
CCT Comcast Corp. NQM Nuveen Investment Quality Fund
CCU Compania Cervecerias Unidas S.A. NQN Nuveen New York Investment
CCW Comcast Corp. NQP Nuveen Pennsylvania Investment
CCZ Comcast Corp. NQS Nuveen Quality Fund
CDE Coeur D'Alene Mines Corp. NQU Nuveen Quality
CDI Cdi Corp. NR Newpark Resources
CDR Cedar Shopping Centers Inc NRB-C Nuveen North Carolina Dividend
CDR-A Cedar Shopping Pfd NRC National Rural Utilities Cooperative
CE Celanese Corp. NRF Northstar Realty Finance
CEA China Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd NRF-A Northstar Realty Pfd
CEC Cec Entertainment NRF-B Northstar Rlty Ser B
CEE Central Europe And Russia Fund NRG Nrg Energy
CEG Constellation Energy Group NRGY Inergy L.P.
CEG-A Constellation Energy NRK-C Nuveen Insured New York Tax-Fre
CEL Cellcom Israel NRP Natural Resource Partners Lp
CEM Clearbridge Energy Mlp Fund Inc. NRT North European Oil Royality Trust
CEO Cnooc Limited NRU National Rural Utilities Cooperative
CEU China Education Alliance NS Nustar Energy L.P.
CF Cf Industries Holdings NSC Norfolk Souther Corp.
CFC-A Cntrywd Cap IV New NSH Nustar Gp Holdings Llc
CFC-B Countrywde Cap V New NSL Nuveen Senior
CFI Culp NSP Insperity Inc
CFN Carefusion Corp. NSR Neustar
CFR Cullen/Frost Bankers NST Nstar
CFX Colfax Corp. NTC Nuveen Connecticut Premium Fund
CGA China Green Agriculture NTC-C Nuveen Conn Prem Inc
CGI Celadon Group NTC-D Nuveen Connecticut Premium Inc
CGO Calamos Global Total Return Fund NTE Nam Tai Electronics
CGV Compagnie Generale De Geophysique-Veritas NTG Tortoise Mlp Fund
CGX Consolidated Graphics NTL Nortel Inversora Sa Adr
CHA China Telecom Corp Ltd NTT Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corp.
CHC China Hydroelectric Corp. NTX Nuveen Texas Quality
CHC.W China Hydroelectric Corp NTX-C Nuveen Texas Quality Income Mu
CHD Church & Dwight Company NTZ Natuzzi S.P.A.
CHE Chemed NU Northeast Utilities
CHG Ch Energy Group NUC Nuveen California Quality
CHH Choice Hotels International NUE Nucor Corp.
CHI Calamos Convertible Opportunities NUJ-C Nuveen New Jersey Dividend Adv
CHK Chesapeake Energy Corp. NUM Nuveen Michigan Quality
CHK-D Chesapeake En Cv Pfd NUN Nuveen New York Quality
CHKM Chesapeake Midstream Partmers L.P. NUO Nuveen Ohio Quality
CHL China Mobile [Hong Kong] Ltd NUS Nu Skin Enterprises
CHMT Chemtura NUV Nuveen Muni Value Fund
CHN China Fund NUW Nuveen Muni Value Fund
CHS Chico's Fas NVC Nuveen California Quality Fund
CHSP Chesapeake Lodging Trust NVE Nv Energy Inc
CHT Chunghwa Telecom Co Ltd NVG-C Nuveen Insd Divid Ad
CHU China Unicom [Hong Kong] Ltd NVN Nuveen New York Quality Fund
CHW Calamos Global Dynamic NVO Novo Nordisk A/S
CHY Calamos Convertible And High NVR Nvr
CI Cigna Corp. NVS Novartis Ag
CIA Citizens NVX-A Nuveen California Dividend Adva
CIB Bancolombia S.A. NVX-C Nuveen California Dividend Adv
CIE Cobalt International Energy NVY-C Nuveen Pennsylvania Dividend A
CIF Colonial Intermediate High NW-C Natl Wstmst Ads 19C3
CIG Comp En De Mn Cemig Ads NWE Northwestern Corp.
CIG.C Comp En De Mn Cemig Ads NWI-C Nuveen Maryland Dividend Advant
CII Blackrock Capital And Income Strategies NWI-D Nuveen Md Dam Fund 3
CIM Chimera Investment Corp. NWL Newell Rubbermaid Inc.
CIR Circor International NWN Northwest Natural Gas Company
CIS Camelot Information Systems NWY New York & Company
CIT Cit Group Inc [Del] NX Quanex Building Products Corp.
CJES C&J Energy Services Inc. NXC Nuveen California Tax-Free Income
CJS Vale Cap Ltd NXE-C Nuveen Arizona Dividend Advant
CJT Vale Cap Ltd NXI-C Nuveen Oh Div Adv Muni Fd Muni
CKH Seacor Smit Inc. NXJ-A Nuveen New Jersey Dividend Adva
CKP Checkpoint Systms NXK-C Nuveen New York Dividend Advant
CL Colgate-Palmolive Company NXM-C Nuveen Pennsylvania Dividend A
CLB Core Laboratories N.V. NXN Nuveen Insured New York Tax-Free
CLC Clarcor Inc. NXP Nuveen Tax Free Income Portfolio
CLD Cloud Peak Energy Inc NXQ Nuveen Tax Free Income Portfolio Ii
CLDT Chatham Lodging Trust [Reit] NXR Nuveen Tax Free Income Portfolio III
CLF Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. NXY Nexen
CLGX Corelogic NXY-B Nexen Inc 7.35 Pfd
CLH Clean Harbors NYB New York Community Bancorp
CLI Mack-Cali Realty Corp. NYB-U New York Cmty Cap V
CLNY Colony Financial Inc NYT New York Times Company
CLP Colonial Properties Trust NYX NYSE Euronext
CLR Continental Resources NZF-C Nuveen Dividend Advantage Muni
CLS Celestica NZH-A Nuveen California Dividend Adva
CLW Clearwater Paper Corp. NZH-B Nuveen California Dividend Adv
CLX Clorox Company NZH-C Nuveen Ca Div Advantage Muni F
CM Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce NZR-C Nuveen Maryland Dividend Advant
CMA Comerica Inc. NZT Telecom Corporation Of New Zealand
CMA.W Comerica O Realty Income Corp.
CMC Commercial Metals Company O-D Realty Income Cp Pfd
CMG Chipotle Mexican Grill O-E Realty Income Pfd E
CMI Cummins Inc. OAS Oasis Petroleum Inc.
CMK Colonial Intermarket Income Trust OB Onebeacon Insurance Group
CMLP Crestwood Midstream Partners Lp OC Owens Corning Inc
CMM China Mass Media Corp OC.B Owens Corning
CMN Cantel Medical OCN Ocwen Financial Corp.
CMO Capstead Mortgage Corp. OCR Omnicare
CMO-A Capstead Mtg Pfd OCR-A Omnicare Cap Tr 1
CMO-B Capstead Mortg Pfd B OCR-B Omnicare Cap Tr Ii
CMP Compass Minerals Intl Inc ODC Oil-Dri Corporation Of America
CMRE Costamare Inc. ODP Office Depot
CMS Cms Energy Corp. OEH Orient-Express Hotels
CMS-A Consumers Engry 4.16 OFC Corporate Office Properties
CMS-B Consumers Engry 4.50 OFC-G Corp Office Pr Pfd G
CMU Colonial Muni Income Trust OFC-H Corp Off Pptys Pfd H
CNA Cna Financial Corp. OFC-J Corporate Office Pfd
CNC Centene Corp. OFG Oriental Financial Group
CNH Cnh Global N.V. OFG-A Oriental Fin Mips A
CNI Canadian National Railway Company OFG-B Oriental Finl Pfd B
CNK Cinemark Holdings Inc OGE Oge Energy Corp.
CNL Cleco Power Llc OHI Omega Healthcare Investors
CNO Cno Financial Group OI Owens-Illinois
CNP Centerpoint Energy Inc OIA Invesco Muni Income Trust
CNQ Canadian Natural Resources OIB Invesco Muni Income Trust Ii
CNS Cohn & Steers Inc OIC Invesco Muni Income Trust III
CNU Continucare OII Oceaneering International
CNW Cnf OILT Oiltanking Partners L.P.
CNX Consol Energy Inc. OIS Oil States International
CO China Cord Blood Corporation. OKE Oneok
CODE Spansion Inc OKS Oneok Partners L.P.
CODI Compass Diversified Holdings OLN Olin Corp.
CPN Calpine Corp. OXF Oxford Resource Partners Lp
CPO Corn Products International OXM Oxford Industries
CPP Merrill Lynch Depositor OXY Occidental Petroleum Corp.
CPT Camden Property Trust OZM Och-Ziff Capital Management
CPV Cbs Corp. P Pandora Media Inc.
CPX Complete Production Services PAA Plains All American Pipeline L.P.
CPY Cpi Corp. PAC Grupo Aeroportuario Del Pacifico
CQB Chiquita Brands International PAG Penske Automotive Group
CR Crane Company PAI Pacific American Income Shares
CRD.A Crawford Co Cl A PAM Pampa Energia S.A.
CRD.B Crawford Co Cl B PAR Par Technology Corp.
CRH Crh Plc PAY Verifone Systems
CRI Carter's PBH Prestige Brand Holdings
CRK Comstock Resources PBI Pitney Bowes Inc
CRL Charles River Laboratories Intl PBR Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.- Petrobras
CRM Salesforce.Com Inc PBR.A Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.- Petrobras
CRP Credit Suisse Guernsey Brh PBT Permian Basin Royalty Trust
CRR Carbo Ceramics PBY Pep Boys-Manny Moe & Jack
CRS Carpenter Technology Corp. PC Panasonic Corp.
CRT Cross Timbers Royalty Trust PCF Putnam High Income Bond Fund
CRY Cryolife PCG Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
CS Credit Suisse Group PCK Pimco California Muni Ii
CSA Cogdell Spencer PCL Plum Creek Timber Company
CSA-A Cogdell Spencer Inc. PCM Pimco Commercial Mortgage Securities
CSC Computer Sciences Corp. PCN Pimco Corporate
CSE Capitalsource Inc PCP Precision Castparts Corp.
CSFS The Cash Store Financial Services PCQ Pimco California Muni
CSH Cash America International PCS Metropcs Communications
CSL Carlisle Companies Inc. PCX Patriot Coal Corp.
CSP American Strategic Income Portfolio III PDM Piedmont Office Realty Trust
CSQ Calamos Strategic Total Return Fund PDS Precision Drilling Corp.
CSS Css Industries PDT John Hancock Premium Dividend Fund
CSU Capital Senior Living Corp. PE-A Peco Energy 3.8 Pfd
CSV Carriage Services PE-B Peco Energy 4.3 Pfd
CSX Csx Corp. PE-C Peco Energy 4.4 Pfd
CT Capital Trust PE-D Peco Energy 4.68 Pfd
CTB Cooper Tire & Rubber Company PEB Pebblebrook Hotel Trust
CTC Ifm Investments Limited PEB-A Pebblebrook Hotel Trust Pfd Ser
CTL Centurylink PEG Public Service Enterprise Group Inc.
CTQ Qwest Corporation PEI Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment
CTS Cts Corp. PEO Petroleum Resources Corp.
CTZ-A Citizens Funding PEP Pepsico
CUB Cubic Corp. PER Sandridge Permian Trust
CUBE Cubesmart PFD Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Inc.
CUK Carnival Plc Ads PFE Pfizer
CUZ Cousins Properties Inc. PFG Principal Financial Group Inc
CUZ-A Cousins Properties PFG-B Prin Fin Grp Ser B
CUZ-B Cousins Pptys Pfd B PFH Cabco Tr Jcp 7.625
CV Central Vermont Pub Svc PFK Prudential Financial Inflation-Linked
CVA Covanta Holding Corp. PFL Pimco Income Strategy Fund
CVB Lehman Abs Corp. PFN Pimco Income Strategy Fund Ii
CVC Cablevision Systems Corp. PFO Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Fund
CVD Covance Inc. PFS Provident Financial Services
CVE Cenovus Energy Inc PFX Phoenix Companies
CVG Convergys Corp. PG Procter & Gamble Company
CVH Coventry Health Care PGH Pengrowth Energy Corp.
CVI Cvr Energy Inc. PGI Ptek Holdings
CVO Cenveo Inc PGN Progress Energy Inc.
CVS Cvs Corp. PGP Pimco Global Stocksplus & Income
CVX Chevron Corp. PGR Progressive Corp.
CW Curtiss-Wright Corp. PH Parker-Hannifin Corp.
CWH Commonwealth Reit PHA Pultegroup
CWH-C Commonwealth Reit Cum. Red. Pfd PHD Pioneer Floating Rate Trust
CWH-D Commonwealth Reit Pfd Conv Shs PHG Koninklijke Philips Electronics
CWH-E Commonwealth Reit PHH Phh Corp
CWHN Commonwealth Reit PHI Philippine Long Distance Telephone
CWT California Water Service Group Holding PHK Pimco High
CWZ Lehman Abs Corp. PHM Pultegroup
CX Cemex S.A.B. De C.V. PHR Prudential Inflation-Linked Retail
CXE Colonial High Income Muni Trust PHT Pioneer High Income Trust
CXH Colonial Investment Grade Muni Trust PHX Panhandle Royalty Company
CXO Concho Resources Inc. PIA Invesco Muni Premium Income Trust
CXS Crexus Investment PII Polaris Industries Inc.
CXW Corrections Corporation Of America PIJ Merrill Lynch Depositor
CYD China Yuchai International PIKE Pike Electric
CYE Blackrock Corporate Yield Fund III PIM Putnam Master Intermediate Income
CYH Community Health Systems PIR Pier 1 Imports
CYN City National Corp. PIS Merrill Lynch Depositor
CYS Cys Investments Inc PIY Merrill Lynch Depositor
CYT Cytec Industries Inc. PJA Preferred Plus Trust Ser Qws 2 Tr Ctf
CZZ Cosan Limited PJC Piper Jaffray Companies
D Dominion Resources PJI Pplus Trust
DAC Danaos Corp. PJL Preferredplus Tr
DAL Delta Air Lines Inc. PJR Merrill Lynch Depositor
DAN Dana Holding Corp. PJS Preferredplus Trust
DANG E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. PKD Parker Drilling Company
DAR Darling International Inc. PKE Park Electrochemical Corp.
DB Deutsche Bank Ag PKG Packaging Corporation Of America
DBD Diebold Inc. PKH Preferred Plus Trust Ser Qws-1 7.75
DCA Dca Total Return Fund PKI Perkinelmer
DCE Deutsche Bk Cap Fdg Tr X PKJ Preferredplus Trust Series Ctr-1
DCI Donaldson Company PKK Preferredplus Trust Series Lmg-2
DCM Ntt Docomo Inc PKO Pimco Income Opportunity Fund
DCO Ducommun Inc. PKX Pohang Iron & Steel Co.
DCT Dct Industrial Trust Inc PKY Parkway Properties
DD E.I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company PKY-D Parkway Prop 8 Srs D
DD-A Du Pont E I 3.50 Pfd PL Protective Life Corp.
DD-B Du Pont E I 4.50 Pfd PL-A Plc Cap Tr IV
DDD 3D Systems Corp. PL-B Plc Cap Tr V
DDE Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment Inc PL-D Protective Life Corp
DDF Delaware Dividend & Income PL-S Plc Capital Tr III
DDR Ddr Corp PLD Prologis Inc
DDR-H Develprs Div Rlt Dep PLD-L Prologis Inc
DDR-I Dev Div Rlty Cp Pfd PLD-M Prologis Inc.6.75% Series M
DDS Dillard's PLD-O Prologis Inc. 7.0% Series O
DDT Dillard's PLD-P Prologis Inc 6.85% Series P Cu
DE Deere & Company PLD-R Prologis Inc 6.75% Series R Cu
DEG Etablissements Delhaize Freres PLD-S Prologis Inc. 6.75% Series S C
DEI Douglas Emmett PLL Pall Corp.
DEL Deltic Timber Corp. PLOW Douglas Dynamics
DEO Diageo Plc PLP Protective Life Corp.
DEX Delaware Enhanced Global Dividend PLT Plantronics
DEXO Dex One Corp. PLV Ppl Corp.
DF Dean Foods Company PM Philip Morris International Inc
DFG Delphi Financial Group PMB.P Premier Cap Tr I Pfd
DFP Delphi Financial Group PMC Pharmerica Corp.
DFS Discover Financial Services PMF Pimco Muni
DFT Dupont Fabros Technology PMI Pmi Group
DFT-A Dupont Fabros Technology Inc. PML Pimco Muni Ii
DFT-B Dupont Fabros Technology Inc. PMM Putnam Managed Muni Income Trust
DG Dollar General Corp. PMO Putnam Muni Opportunities Trust
DGF Delaware Global Dividend PMT Pennymac Mortgage Investment Trust
DGI Digitalglobe Inc PMX Pimco Muni Income Fund III
DGX Quest Diagnostics Inc. PNC Pnc Bank
DHF Dreyfus High Yield Strategies Fund PNC-L Pnc Finl Pr L
DHG Dws High Income Opportunities Fund PNC.W The Pnc Financial Services Group
DHI D.R. Horton PNF Pimco New York Muni
DHR Danaher Corp. PNG Paa Natural Gas Storage L.P.
DHT Dht Holdings PNH Pnc Cap Tr E
DHX Dice Holdings PNI Pimco New York Muni Ii
DIN Dineequity Inc PNK Pinnacle Entertainment
DIS Walt Disney Company PNM Pnm Resources Inc.
DK Delek US Holdings PNR Pentair
DKP Ms S.A.C. Saturns Ge Series 2002-14 PNU Pnc Bank
DKQ Ms S.A.C. Saturns Ge Series 2002-14 PNW Pinnacle West Capital Corp.
DKS Dick's Sporting Goods Inc PNX Phoenix Companies
DKT Deutsch Bk Contingent Cap Tr V PNY Piedmont Natural Gas Company
DL China Distance Education Holdings POL Polyone Corp.
DLB Dolby Laboratories POM Potomac Electric Power Company
DLR Digital Realty Trust POR Portland General Electric Company
DLX Deluxe Corp. POT Potash Corporation Of Saskatchewan Inc.
DM Dolan Company PPC Pilgrim's Pride Corp.
DMD Demand Media Inc. PPG Ppg Industries
DMO Western Asset Mortgage Defined Opp PPL Ppl Corp.
DNB Dun & Bradstreet Corp. PPL-U Ppl Corporation
DNI Chartwell Dividend & Income Fund PPL-W Ppl Corporation
DNP Duff & Phelps Utilities Income PPO Polypore International Inc
DNR Denbury Resources PPP Primero Mining Corp
DNY The Denali Fund PPR Ing Prime Rate Trust
DO Diamond Offshore Drilling PPS Post Properties
DOLE Dole Food Company Inc PPS-A Post Prop. 8.5 Pra
DOM Dominion Resources Black Warrior PPT Putnam Premier Income Trust
DOV Dover Corp. PQ Petroquest Energy Inc
DOW DOW Chemical Company PRA Pro-Assurance Corp.
DOX Amdocs Limited PRD Primus Guaranty
DPD DOW 30 Premium PRE Partnerre Ltd
DPG Duff & Phelps Global Utility I PRE-C Partnerre Ltd Pfd C
DPL Dpl Inc. PRE-D Partnerre Ltd Pfd D
DPM Dcp Midstream Partners Lp PRE-E Partnerre Ltd.
DPO DOW 30 Premium PRGN Paragon Shipping Inc.
DPS Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc PRI Primerica
DPZ Domino's Pizza Inc PRI.B Primerica
DQ Daqq New Energy PRIS Promotora De Informaciones Sa
DRC Dresser-Rand Group Inc. PRO Pros Holdings
DRE Duke Realty Corp. PRS Primus Guaranty
DRE-J Duke Rlty Dep Pfd J PRU Prudential Financial Inflation Retail
DRE-K Duke Realty K PRX Pharmaceutical Resources
DRE-L Duke Rlty Dep Sh PSA Public Storage
DRE-M Duke Realty Pfd M PSA-A Public Storage 6.125
DRE-O Duke Rlty Pfd Ser O PSA-C Public Storage Pfd C
DRH Diamondrock Hospitality Company PSA-D Public Storage
DRI Darden Restaurants PSA-E Public Storage Pfd E
DRL Doral Financial Corp. PSA-F Public Storage Pfd F
DRQ Dril-Quip PSA-H Public Storage Sr H
DRU Dominion Resources PSA-L Public Storage Dep
DSM Dreyfus Strategic Muni Bond Fund PSA-M Public Storage Dep S
DST Dst Systems PSA-N Public Storage Ads N
DSU Blackrock Debt Strategies Fund PSA-O Public Storage Depositary Share
DSW Dsw Inc. PSA-P Public Storage
DSX Diana Shipping Inc. PSA-Q Public Storage
DTE Dte Energy Company PSA-R Depositary Shares Each Represe
DTE-A Dte Energy Tr I 7.8% PSA-W Public St Dep Pfd W
DTE-C Dte Energy 7.50 PSA-X Public Stg Dep Pfd X
DTF Duff & Phelps Utilities Tax-Free Income PSA-Z Public Storage Srs Z
DTG Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group PSB Business Parks
DTK Deutsche Bk Contingent Cap Tr I PSB-H Ps Bus Pks Dep Pfd H
DTT Deutsche Bk Cap Fdg Tr Ix Gua PSB-I Ps Bus Pks Dep Shs
DUA Deutsche Bk Cap Fdg Tr ViII 6 PSB-M Ps Business Pfd M
DUC Duff & Phelps Utility & Corporate Trust PSB-O Ps Business Pks
DUF Duff & Phelps Corp. PSB-P Ps Business Parks I
DUK Duke Energy Corp. PSB-R Ps Business Parks Inc. 6.875%
DV Devry Inc. PSE Pioneer Southwest Energy Partners L.P.
DVA Davita Inc. PSF Cohen & Steers Preferred Fund
DVD Dover Downs Entertainment PSO Pearson Plc
DVF Blackrock Diversified Income Strategies PSS Collective Brands
DVM Cohen & Steers Dividend Majors Fund PSW Blackrock Preferred And Corporate
DVN Devon Energy Corp. PSY Blackrock Credit Allocation Trust I
DVR Cal Dive International PT Portugal Telecom Sgps S.A .
DW Drew Industries Inc. PTGI Primus Telecom Group
DX Dynex Capital PTI Patni Computer Systems Limited
DXB Deutsche Bk Contingent Cap Tr I PTP Platinum Underwriters Holdings Ltd
DY Dycom Industries PTR Petrochina Company Limited
DYN Dynegy Inc. PTY Pimco Corporate Opportunity Fund
E Eni S.P.A. PUK Prudential Public Limited Company
EAA Entergy Arkansas PUK-A Pru Plc Perp Sub Cap
EAT Brinker International PUK.P Prudential 6.75%
EBF Ennis PULS Pulse Electronics Corp.
EBR Centrais Elc Braz Pfb B Elbras PVA Penn Virginia Corp.
EBR.B Centrais Elc Braz Pfb B Elbras PVD Administradora De Fondos De Pensiones
EBS Emergent Biosolutions PVH Phillips-Van Heusen Corp.
EC Ecopetrol S.A. PVR Penn Virginia Resource Partners Lp
ECA Encana Corp. PVX Provident Energy Ltd
ECL Ecolab Inc. PWE Penn West Petroleum Ltd
ECT Eca Marcellus Trust I PWR Quanta Services
ED Consolidated Edison Company Of New York PX Praxair
ED-A Cons Ed 5.00 Pfd A PXD Pioneer Natural Resources Company
ED-C Cons Ed 4.65 Pfd C PXP Plains Exploration & Production Company
EDD Emerging Markets Domestic Debt Fund PYA Pplus Trust
EDE Empire District Electric Company PYB Pplus Trust
EDF Stone Harbor Emerging Markets PYC Pplus Trust
EDN Empresa Distribuidora Y Comercializadora PYG Pplus Trust
EDR Education Realty Trust Inc. PYJ Pplus Trust
EDT Entergy Texas Inc PYK Pplus Trust
EDU New Oriental Education & Technology Group PYL Pplus Trust
EE El Paso Electric Company PYN Pimco New York Muni Income Fund III
EEA European Equity Fund PYS Pplus Trust
EEP Enbridge Energy L.P. PYT Pplus Trust
EEQ Enbridge Energy Management Llc PYV Pplus Trust
EFC Ellington Financial Llc PYY Merrill Lynch Depositor
EFM Entergy Mississippi PZB Merrill Lynch Depositor
EFR Eaton Vance Senior Floating-Rate Fund PZC Pimco California Muni Income Fund III
EFT Eaton Vance Floating Rate Income Trust PZE Petrobras Argentina S.A.
EFX Equifax PZN Pzena Investment Management Inc
EGF Blackrock Enhanced Government Fund QEP Qep Resources
EGN Energen Corp. QIHU Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.
EGO Eldorado Gold Corp QRE Qr Energy Lp
EGP Eastgroup Properties QTM Quantum Corp.
EGY Vaalco Energy Inc QUAD Quad Graphics Inc
EHI Western Asset Global High QXM Qiao Xing Mobile Communication Co.
EIG Employers Holdings Inc R Ryder System
EIX Edison International RA Railamerica
EJ E-House [China] Holdings RAD Rite Aid Corp.
EK Eastman Kodak Company RAH Ralcorp Holdings
EL Estee Lauder Companies RAI Reynolds American Inc
ELA Entergy Louisiana Llc RAS Rait Financial Trust
ELB Entergy Louisiana RAS-A Rait Financial Tr Pf
ELN Elan Corporation Plc RAS-B Rait Financial Tr Pf
ELP Companhia Paranaense De Energia RAS-C Rait Fin Tr Pfd C
ELS Equity Lifestyle Properties RATE Bankrate Inc.
ELS-A Equity Lifestyle Properties In RAX Rackspace Hosting Inc
ELT Elster Group Se RBA Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Inc.
ELX Emulex Corp. RBC Regal-Beloit Corp.
ELY Callaway Golf Company RBN Robbins & Myers
EM Emdeon Inc RBS Royal Bank Scotland Group Plc
EMC Emc Corp. RBS-E Rbs Cap Fndg Tr V
EMD Western Asset Emerging Markets Fund RBS-F Royal Bnk Sctlnd F
EME Emcor Group RBS-G Rbs Capital Trustvii
EMF Templeton Emerging Markets Fund RBS-H Royal Bk Scot Hadssc
EMN Eastman Chemical Company RBS-I Rbs Cap Fdg Tr Vi
EMO Clearbridge Energy Mlp Opportu RBS-L Royal Bank Of Scotla
EMQ Entergy Mississippi RBS-M Royal Bank Sctlnd M
EMR Emerson Electric Company RBS-N Rbs Series N Ads Pfd
EMZ Entergy Mississippi Inc. First RBS-P Royal Bk Scotland
ENB Enbridge Inc RBS-Q Royal Bank Adr
END Endeavor International Corp. RBS-R Royal Bk Scotland
ENH Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd RBS-S Royal Bk Scotland
ENH-A Endurance Spec Pfd RBS-T Royal Bk Pfd
ENH-B Endurance Specialty Holdings L RC Grupo Radio Centro S.A. De C.V.
ENI Enersis S A RCI Rogers Communication
ENL Reed Elsevier Nv RCL Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd
ENP Encore Energy Partners Lp RCS Rcm Strategic Global Government Fund
ENR Energizer Holdings RDC Rowan Companies
ENS Enersys RDK Ruddick Corp.
ENV Envestnet Inc RDN Radian Group Inc.
ENZ Enzo Biochem RDS.A Royal Dutch Shell Plc
EOC Empresa Nacional De Electricidad S.A. RDS.B Royal Dutch Shell
EOD Wells Fargo Global Dividend Opportunity RDY Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd
EOG Eog Resources RE Everest Re Group
EOI Eaton Vance Enhance Equity RE-B Everest Re Cap Tr Ii
EOS Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Ii REG Regency Centers Corp.
EOT Eaton Vance Muni Income Trust REG-C Regency Ctr Sr 3 Pfd
EP El Paso Corp. REG-D Regency Ctr Sr 4 Pfd
EP-C El Paso Egy Cap I Pr REG-E Regency Ctr Pfd 5
EPB El Paso Pipeline Partners Lp REN Resolute Energy Corp.
EPD Enterprise Products Partners L.P. REN.W Resolute Energy Corp
EPL Energy Partners RENN Renren Inc.
EPR Entertainment Properties Trust RES Rpc
EPR-C Entertainment Prp Pf REV Revlon
EPR-D Entertainment Pptys REX Rex Stores Corp.
EPR-E Entertainment Ppty P RF Regions Financing Tr I
EQR Equity Residential RF-Z Regions Fing Tr III
EQR-N Equity Res Dep Pfd N RFI Cohen & Steers Total Return Realty Fund
EQS Equus Total Return RFO-A Royce Focus Tr Pfd
EQT Eqt Corp. RGA Reinsurance Group Of America Inc.
EQU Equal Energy Ltd RGC Regal Entertainment Group
EQY Equity One RGP Ross Group Plc
ERF Enerplus Corp. RGR Sturm Ruger & Company
ERJ Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica RGS Regis Corp.
ES Energysolutions Inc RHI Robert Half International Inc.
ESC Emeritus Corp. RHT Red Hat
ESD Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt Fund Inc RIG Transocean Inc.
ESE Esco Technologies Inc. RIO Rio Tinto Plc
ESI Itt Educational Services RIT Lmp Real Estate
ESL Esterline Technologies Corp. RJF Raymond James Financial
ESS Essex Property Trust RKT Rock-Tenn Company
ESS-H Essex Property Trust Inc. 7.12 RL Ralph Lauren Corp.
ESV Ensco Plc RLD Reald Inc
ETB Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write RLH Westcoast Hospitality Corp.
ETE Energy Transfer Equity L.P. RLH-A Red Lion Htls Cap Tr
ETG Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Global Dividend RLI Rli Corp.
ETH Ethan Allen Interiors Inc. RLJ Rlj Lodging Trust
ETJ Eaton Vance Risk-Managed Diversified Equity RMD Resmed Inc.
ETM Entercom Communications Corp. RMT Royce Micro-Cap Trust
ETN Eaton Corp. RMT-A Royce Micro Cap Pfd
ETO Eaton Vance Tax-Advantage Global Dividend Opp RNE Morgan Stanley East. Euro
ETP Energy Transfer Partners RNO Rhino Resource Partners Lp
ETR Entergy Corp. RNP Cohen & Steers Reit And Preferred
ETV Eaton Vance Corp. RNR Renaissancere Holdings Ltd
ETW Eaton Vance Corp. RNR-C Renaissancere 6.08 C
ETY Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Diversified Equity RNR-D Rena Hld 6.6% Pfd D
EV Eaton Vance Corp. ROC Rockwood Holdings
EVC Entravision Communications Corp. ROG Rogers Corp.
EVF Eaton Vance Senior Income Trust ROK Rockwell Automation Inc
EVG Eaton Vance Short Diversified ROL Rollins
EVN Eaton Vance Muni Income Trust ROP Roper Industries
EVR Evercore Partners Inc RPM Rpm
EVT Eaton Vance Tax Advantaged Dividend RPT Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust
EW Edwards Lifesciences Corp. RPT-D Ramco-Gershenson Properties Tru
EXAM Examworks Group RQI Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund Inc
EXBD The Corporate Executive Board Company RRC Range Resources Corp.
EXC Exelon Corp. RRR Rsc Holdings Inc.
EXD Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Bond RRTS Roadrunner Transportation Systems Inc
EXG Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Diversified Equit RS Reliance Steel & Aluminum Company
EXH Exterran Holdings RSG Republic Services
EXK Endeavour Silver Corp. RSH Radioshack Corp.
EXL Excel Trust RSO Resource Capital
EXM Excel Maritime Carriers RST Rosetta Stone
EXP Eagle Materials Inc RT Ruby Tuesday
EXPR Express RTI Rti International Metals
EXR Extra Space Storage Inc RTN Raytheon Company
F Ford Motor Credit Company RUK Reed Elsevier Plc
F-A Ford Motor 7.50 Nts RVT Royce Value Trust
F.W Ford Motor Co RVT-B Royce Value Tr Pfd
FAC Liberte Investors Inc. RWT Redwood Trust
FAF First American Corp. RY Royal Bank Of Canada
FAM First Trust/Aberdeen Global Opportunity RYL Ryland Group
FAV Active Dividend RYN Rayonier Inc. Reit
FBC Flagstar Bancorp S Sprint Nextel Corp.
FBF-M Fleet Cap Tr ViII SAB Grupo Casa Saba S.A. De C.V.
FBF-N Fleet Cap Tr Ix SAH Sonic Automotive
FBHS Fortune Brands Home & Security SAI Saic Inc
FBN Furniture Brands International SAM Boston Beer Company
FBP First Bancorp. SAN Banco Santiago S.A.
FBP-A First Bcp Hldg Pf A SAP Sap Ag
FBP-B First Bancorp 8.35 B SAR Saratoga Investment Corp
FBP-C First Bancorp 7.40 C SB Safe Bulkers Inc
FBP-D First Bancorp 7.25 D SBH Sally Beauty Holdings
FBP-E First Bncp 7.0 Pfd E SBR Sabine Royalty Trust
FBR Fibria Celulose S.A. SBS Companhia De Saneamento Basico Do Estado De Sao
FBS-A First Pfd Cp IV 8.15 SBW Western Asset Worldwide Income Fund Inc.
FC Franklin Covey Company SBX Seabright Holdings
FCE.A Forest City Ent Cl A SCCO Southern Peru Copper Corp.
FCE.B Forest City Ent Cl B SCD Lmp Capital And Income Fund Inc.
FCF First Commonwealth Financial Corp. SCG Scana Corp.
FCH Felcor Lodging Trust Inc. SCHW The Charles Schwab Corp.
FCH-A Felcor Lodg Pr A SCI Service Corporation International
FCH-C Felcor Lodging Dep S SCL Stepan Company
FCN Fti Consulting SCL.P Spepan 5.5 Cvpr
FCS Fairchild Semiconductor International SCR Simcere Pharmaceutical Group
FCT Senior Floating Rate Ii SCS Steelcase Inc.
FCX Freeport-Mcmoran Copper & Gold SCU Scana Corp.
FCY Forest City Enterprises Inc SCX L.S. Starrett Company
FDI Fort Dearborn Income Securities SD Sandridge Energy Inc.
FDO Family Dollar Stores SDRL Seadrill Limited
FDP Fresh Del Monte Produce SDT Sandridge Mississippian Trust I
FDS Factset Research Systems Inc. SE Spectra Energy Corp
FDX Fedex Corp. SEE Sealed Air Corp.
FE Firstenergy Corp. SEH Spartech Corp.
FENG Phoenix New Media Limited SEM Select Medical Holdings Corp.
FEO First Trust/Aberdeen Emerging Opportunity Fund SEMG Semgroup Corp.
FF Futurefuel Corp. SEP Spectra Energy Partners Lp
FFA First Trust Enhanced Equity Income Fund SF Stifel Financial Corp.
FFC Flaherty Crumrine/Claymore Preferred Securities SFD Smithfield Foods
FFD Morgan Stanley Frontier Emerging Markets Fund I SFE Safeguard Scientifics
FFG Fbl Financial Group SFG Stancorp Financial Group
FGB Specialty Finance And Financial Fund SFI Istar Financial Inc.
FGC Fpl Group Capital Inc SFI-D Istar Fin Pr D
FGE Fpl Group Capital Inc SFI-E Istar Finl Inc Pfd E
FGF Sunamerica SFI-F Istar Finl Inc Pfd F
FGI Sunamerica SFI-G Istar Finl Inc
FGP Ferrellgas Partners L.P. SFI-I Istar Fincl Inc Pfd
FHN First Tennessee National Corp. SFL Ship Finance International
FHY Strategic High Ii SFSF Successfactors
FICO Fair Isaac And Company Inc. SFUN Soufun Holdings
FIF First Trust Energy Infrastruct SFY Swift Energy Company
FIG Fortress Investment Group SGF Singapore Fund
FII Federated Investors SGK Schawk
FIO Fusion-Io Inc. SGL Strategic Global
FIS Fidelity National Information Services SGU Star Gas Partners L.P.
FIX Comfort Systems Usa SGY Stone Energy Corp.
FJA Merrill Lynch Depositor SGZ Selective Insurance Group
FL Footlocker Inc SHAW Shaw Group Inc.
FLC Flaherty & Crumrine/Claymore Total Return SHG Shinhan Financial Group Co Ltd
FLO Flowers Foods SHI Sinopec Shangai Petrochemical Company Ltd
FLR Fluor Corp. SHO Sunstone Hotel Investors
FLS Flowserve Corp. SHO-A Sunstone Hotel Pfd A
FLT Fleetcor Technologies SHO-D Sunstone Hotel Investors Inc.
FLY Fly Leasing Limited SHP Shangpharma Corp.
FMC Fmc Corp. SHS Sauer-Danfoss Inc.
FMD First Marblehead Corp. SHW Sherwin-Williams Company
FMN Federated Premier Muni SI Siemens Ag
FMO Fiduciary/Claymore Mlp Opportunity Fund SID National Steel Corp.
FMS Fresenius Medical Care Corp. SIG Signet Jewelers Limited
FMS.P Fresenius Medcare Pr SIX Six Flags Entertainment Corporation New
FMX Fomento Economico Mexicano S.A.B. De C.V. SJI South Jersey Industries
FMY First Trust/Fidac Mortgage Income Fund SJM J.M. Smucker Company
FN Fabrinet SJR Shaw Communications Inc.
FNB F.N.B. Corp. SJT San Juan Basin Royalty Trust
FNF Fidelity National Financial SJW Sjw Corp.
FNV Franco Nev Corp SKH Skilled Healthcare Group
FOE Ferro Corp. SKM Sk Telecom Corporation
FOF Cohen & Steers Closed-End Opportunity Fund SKS Saks Inc.
FOR Forestar Group Inc SKT Tanger Factory Outlet Centers
FPC-A Fpc Capital I 7.1 Pf SKX Skechers U.S.A.
FPO First Potomac Realty Trust SKY Skyline Corp.
FPO-A First Potomac Realty Trust Cumu SLA American Select Portfolio
FPT Federated Premier Intermediate Muni SLB Schlumberger N.V.
FR First Industrial Realty Trust SLE Sara Lee Corp.
FR-J First Indl Dep Sh J SLF Sun Life Financial Inc.
FR-K First Indl Rlty Dep SLG Sl Green Realty Corp.
FRA Blackrock Floating Rate Income Fund SLG-C Sl Green Rlty Pfd C
FRB Blackrock Floating Rate Income Fund Ii SLG-D Sl Green Rlty 7.875D
FRC First Republic Bank SLH Solera Holdings
FRF Fortegra Financial Corp. SLM Slm Corp.
FRM Furmanite Corp. SLM-A Slm 6.97 Cum Pfd A
FRO Frontline Ltd SLM-B Slm Corp Pfd B
FRT Federal Realty Investment Trust SLT Sterlite Industries [India] Limited
FRX Forest Laboratories SLW Silver Wheaton Corp
FRZ Reddy Ice Holdings SM Sm Energy Company
FSC Fifth Street Finance Corp. SMA Symmetry Medical Inc
FSD High Income Long Short Fund SMF Salient Mlp And Energy Infrast
FSL Freescale Semiconductor Holdin SMFG Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc
FSR Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings S.A. SMG Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
FSS Federal Signal Corp. SMI Semiconductor Manufacturing International
FST Forest Oil Corp. SMP Standard Motor Products
FT Franklin Universal Trust SMS Sims Metal Management Limited
FTB-A Fifth Third Cap Tr V SNA Snap-On Inc.
FTB-B Fifth Third Cp Tr Vi SNE Sony Corp Ord
FTE France Telecom S.A. SNH Senior Housing Properties Trust
FTI Fmc Technologies SNI Scripps Networks Interactive Inc
FTK Flotek Industries SNN Smith & Nephew Snats
FTR Frontier Communications Company SNP China Petroleum & Chemical Corp.
FTT Federated Enhanced Treasury Income SNV Synovus Financial Corp.
FUL H. B. Fuller Company SNV-T Synovus Financial Corporation T
FUN Cedar Fair L.P. SNX Synnex Corp.
FUR First Union Real Estate Equity SNY Sanofi-Aventis Sa
FVE Five Star Quality Care SO Southern Company
FWF Wells Fargo & Company SOA Solutia Inc
FXCM Fxcm Inc. SOA.W Solutia
G Genpact Limited SOL Renesola Ltd
GA Giant Interactive Group Inc SON Sonoco Products Company
GAB Gabelli Equity Trust SOR Source Capital
GAB-D Gabelli Eq Tr Pfd D SOR.P Source Cap 2.40 Pfd
GAB-F Gabelli Equity Tr SOV-C Sovereign Banc Dep S
GAM General American Investors SPA Sparton Corp.
GAM-B Genl Amer Invs Pfd SPB Spectrum Brands Holdings
GAR Georgia Power Company SPE Special Opportunities Fund Inc.
GAS Nicor Inc. SPF Standard Pacific Lp
GAT Georgia Power Company SPG Simon Property Group
GB Greatbatch SPG-J Simon Prop Grp Pfd J
GBAB Guggenheim Build America Bonds SPH Suburban Propane Partners L.P.
GBE Grubb SPN Superior Energy Services
GBL Gamco Investors SPP Sappi Limited
GBX Greenbrier Companies SPR Spirit Aerosystems Holdings
GCA Global Cash Access Holdings SPW Spx Corp.
GCAP Gain Capital Holdings SQM Sociedad Quimica Y Minera S.A.
GCF Global Income & Currency Fund Inc. SQNS Sequans Communications S A
GCH Greater China Fund SR Standard Register Company
GCI Gannett Co. SRE Sempra Energy
GCO Genesco Inc. SRI Stoneridge
GCV Gabelli Convertible And Income Securities SRT Startek
GCV-B Gabelli 6.00% Pfd B SRV The Cushing Mlp Total Return Fund
GD General Dynamics Corp. SRZ Sunrise Senior Living
GDF Western Asset Global Partners SSD Simpson Manufacturing Company
GDI Gardner Denver SSI Stage Stores
GDL The Gdl Fund SSL Sasol Ltd
GDL-B The Gdl Fund Series B Cumulativ SSP E.W. Scripps Company
GDO Western Asset Global Corporate Defined SSS Sovran Self Storage
GDOT Green Dot Corp. SSW Seaspan Corp.
GDP Goodrich Petroleum Corp. SSW-C Seaspan Corporation
GDV Gabelli Dividend ST Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.
GDV-A Gabelli Dv STAG Sti Inc
GDV-D Gabelli Pref D STC Stewart Information Services Corp.
GE General Electric Company STD Banco Santander S.A.
GE-A General Electric STD-A Banco Santander Pfd
GEA General Electric Capital Corp. STD-B Santander Finance Pr
GEC General Electric Capital Corp. STD-C Santander Sr 5 Pfd
GED General Electric Capital Corp. STD-E Santander Pr 10.5
GEF Greif Bros. Corp. STD-I Santander Fin Prf
GEF.B Greif Bros. Corp. STE Steris Corp.
GEG General Electric Capital Corp. STI Suntrust Banks
GEJ General Electric Capital Corp. STI-A Suntrust Bks Dep Sh
GEL Genesis Energy L.P. STI-Z Suntrust Capital Ix
GEN Genon Energy STJ St. Jude Medical
GEO Geo Group Inc STK Columbia Seligman Premium Technology
GEP General Electric Capital Corp. STL Sterling Bancorp
GEQ Guggenheim Equal Weight Enhance STL-A Sterling Bncp Tr I
GER General Electric Capital Corp. STM Stmicroelectronics N.V.
GES Guess STN Stantec Inc
GET Gaylord Entertainment Company STNG Scorpio Tankers Inc.
GF New Germany Fund STO Statoil Asa
GFA Gafisa Sa STP Suntech Power Holdings Co.
GFF Griffon Corp. STR Questar Corp.
GFI Gold Fields Ltd STRI Str Holdings Inc
GFIG Gfi Group Inc. STT State Street Corp
GFW American Financial Group STV China Digital Tv Holding Co.
GFY Western Asset Variable Rate Strategic STWD Starwood Property Trust
GFZ American Financial Group STZ Constellation Brands Inc
GG Goldcorp Inc. STZ.B Constellation Brd B
GGB Gerdau S.A. SU Suncor Energy Inc.
GGC Georgia Gulf Corp. SUG Southern Union Company
GGE Claymore Dividend & Income Fund SUI Sun Communities
GGG Graco Inc. SUN Sunoco
GGP General Growth Properties SUP Superior Industries International
GGS Global Geophysical Services SUS-A Susquehanna Cap Pfd
GGT Gabelli Global Multi-Media Trust SVM Silvercorp Metals Inc
GGT-B Gabelli Global Multi-Media Trus SVN 7 Days Group Holdings
GHI Global High Income Dollar Fund SVU Supervalu Inc.
GHL Greenhill SWC Stillwater Mining Company
GIB Cgi Group SWFT Swift Transportation Company
GIL Gildan Activewear SWI Solarwinds
GIM Templeton Global SWK Stanley Black & Decker Inc
GIS General Mills SWM Schweitzer-Mauduit International
GJD Strats Sm Trust For Sprint Capital Corp Securiti SWN Southwestern Energy Company
GJH Strats Sm Trust For United States Cellular Corp SWS Sws Group
GJI Strats Sm Trust For Ibm Corp Securities Series 2 SWU Stanley Black & Decker Inc
GJJ Strats Sm Trust For Goldman Sachs Group Securiti SWX Southwest Gas Corp.
GJK Strats Sm Trust For Jp Morgan Chase & Co Securit SWY Safeway Inc.
GJM Gmac Llc SWZ Swiss Helvetia Fund
GJN Strats Trust For Jp Morgan Chase Capital Xvii Se SXC Suncoke Energy Inc
GJO Strats Sm Trust For Wal-Mart Stores Inc Securiti SXI Standex International Corp.
GJP Strats Sm Trust For Dominion Resources Inc Secur SXL Sunoco Logistics Partners Lp
GJR Strats Sm Trust For The Procter & Gamble Co Secu SXT Sensient Technologies Corp.
GJS Strats Sm Trust For Goldman Sachs Group Securiti SYA Symetra Financial Corp.
GJT Strats Sm Trust For Allstate Corp Securities Ser SYK Stryker Corp.
GJV Strats Sm Trust For News Corp Securities Series SYSW Syswin Inc.
GKK Gramercy Capital Corp SYT Syngenta Ag
GKK-A Gramercy Capital Cor SYX Systemax Inc.
GKM Gmac Llc SYY Sysco Corp.
GLF Gulfmark Offshore T AT&T Inc.
GLP Global Partners Lp TAC Transalta Corp.
GLT Glatfelter TAI Transamerica Income Shares
GLW Corning Inc. TAL Tal International Group
GM General Motors Company TAM Tam S.A.
GM-B General Motors Company TAOM Taomee Holdings Limited
GM.A General Mtrs TAP Molson Coors Brewing Company
GM.B General Mtrs TAP.A Molson Coors Brewing Company
GMA Gmac Llc TBI Trueblue Inc
GME Gamestop Corp. TC Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc.
GMK Gruma S.A. De C.V. TCAP Triangle Capital Corp.
GMR General Maritime Corp. TCB Tcf Financial Corp.
GMT Gatx Corp. TCB-A Tcf Capital I
GMXR Gmx Resources TCB.W Tcf Financial Corporation
GMXR.P Gmx Resources Inc TCI Transcontinental Realty Investors
GNC Gnc Holdings Inc. TCK Teck Resources Ltd
GNI Great Northern Iron Ore Properties TCL Tata Communications Limited
GNK Genco Shipping TCO Taubman Centers
GNRC Generac Holdings Inc. TCO-G Taubman Ctr Pfd G
GNT Gabelli Natural Resources Gold TCO-H Taubman Sr H Cr Pfd
GNW Genworth Financial Inc TD Toronto Dominion Bank
GOF Claymore/Guggenheim Strategic Fund TDC Teradata Corp.
GOL Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes S.A. TDE Telephone And Data Systems
GOM Gmac Llc TDF Templeton Dragon Fund
GOV Government Properties Income Trust TDG Transdigm Group Inc.
GPC Genuine Parts Company TDI Telephone And Data Systems
GPE-A Ga Pwr Co Cl A Pfd TDJ Telephone And Data Systems In
GPI Group 1 Automotive TDS Telephone And Data Systems
GPK Graphic Packaging Holding Company TDS.S Telephone And Data Systems
GPM Guggenheim Enhanced Equity TDW Tidewater Inc.
GPN Global Payments Inc. TDY Teledyne Technologies Inc.
GPS Gap TE Teco Energy
GPX Gp Strategies Corp. TEA Teavana Holdings Inc.
GR Goodrich Corp. TEF Telefonica Sa
GRA W.R. Grace & Company TEG Integrys Energy Group
GRO Agria Corp. TEI Templeton Emerging Markets
GRR Asia Tigers Fund TEL Te Connectivity Ltd
GRT Glimcher Realty Trust TEN Tenneco Automotive
GRT-F Glimcher Rlty Pfd F TEO Telecom Argentina Stet - France Telecom S.A.
GRT-G Glimcher Rlty Pfd G TER Teradyne
GRX The Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness Trust TEU Box Ships Inc.
GRX-A The Gabelli Healthcare & Welln TEX Terex Corp.
GS Goldman Sachs Group TFX Teleflex Inc.
GS-A Goldman Sachs Pfd TG Tredegar Corp.
GS-B Goldman Dep Sh TGH Textainer Group Holdings
GS-C Goldman Dep Sh TGI Triumph Group
GS-D Goldman Sachs Dep Sh TGP Teekay Lng Partners L.P.
GSF Goldman Sachs Group TGS Transportadora De Gas Sa Ord B
GSH Guangshen Railway Company TGT Target Corp.
GSI General Steel Holdings TGX Theragenics Corp.
GSK Glaxosmithkline Plc THC Tenet Healthcare Corp.
GSL Global Ship Lease Inc THG The Hanover Insurance Group
GT Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company THI Tim Hortons Inc.
GT-A The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. THO Thor Industries
GTI Graftech International Ltd THR Thermon Group Holdings Inc.
GTN Gray Television THS Treehouse Foods
GTN.A Gray Television TI Telecom Italia S.P.A.
GTS Triple-S Management Corp. TI.A Telecom Italia S.P.A.
GTY Getty Realty Corp. TIE Titanium Metals Corp.
GU Gushan Environmental Energy TIF Tiffany & Co.
GUA Gulf Power Company Series 2011A TIN Temple-Inland Inc.
GUL Gulf Power Company TJX Tjx Companies
GUT Gabelli Utility Trust TK Teekay Shipping Corp.
GUT-A Gabelli Util Pfd A TKC Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri As
GVA Granite Construction Inc. TKF Turkish Investment Fund
GWF Wells Fargo & Company TKR Timken Company
GWR Genesee & Wyoming TLB Talbots
GWW W.W. Grainger TLI Lmp Corporate Loan Fund Inc
GXP Great Plains Energy Inc TLK P.T. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk.
GXP-A Grt Plns Energy 3.8% TLLP Tesoro Logistics Lp Common Unit
GXP-D Great Plains 4.35% TLM Talisman Energy Inc.
GXP-E Great Plains 4.5% TLP Transmontaigne Partners L.P.
GXP-F Great Plains Energy TM Toyota Motor Corp Ltd Ord
GY Gencorp Inc. TMH Team Health Holdings
GYA Corporate Asset Backed Corp Cabco TMK Torchmark Corp.
GYB Cabco Series 2004-101 Trust TMK-A Torchmark Cap Tr III
GYC Corporate Asset Backed Corp Cabco TMM Grupo Tmm S.A.
H Hyatt Hotels Corp. TMO Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
HAE Haemonetics Corp. TMS Tms International Corp.
HAL Halliburton Company TMX Telefonos De Mexico
HAR Harman International Industries Inc. TNB Thomas & Betts Corp.
HAV Helios Advantage TNC Tennant Company
HBA-D Hsbc Usa Cum Pfd D TNE Tele Norte Leste Participacoes S.A.
HBA-F Hsbc Usa Pfd F TNH Terra Nitrogen Company L.P.
HBA-G Hsbc Dep Sh Pfd G TNK Teekay Tankers Ltd
HBA-H Hsbc Usa Dep Sh H TNP Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd
HBA-Z Hsbc Usa 2.8575 Pfd TNS Tns
HBC Hsbc Holdings Plc TOL Toll Brothers Inc.
HBC-A Hsbc Hldgs Pfd A Adr TOO Teekay Offshore Partners L.P.
HBC.P Harris Pfd 7.375 A TOT Totalfinaelf S.A.
HBI Hanesbrands Inc. TOWR Tower International
HBM Hudbay Minerals Inc TPC Tutor Perini Corp.
HCA Hca Holdings Inc. Common Stock TPL Texas Pacific Land Trust
HCC Hcc Insurance Holdings TPX Tempur-Pedic International Inc
HCF Highland Credit Stategies Fund TPZ Tortoise Power And Energy
HCN Health Care Reit TR Tootsie Roll Industries
HCN-D Health Cr Reit Pfd D TRC Tejon Ranch Company
HCN-F Healthcare Reit Pf F TREX Trex Company
HCN-I Health Care Reit Inc. TRF Templeton Russia Fund
HCP Hcp TRGP Targa Resources
HCP-E Hcp Inc. TRH Transatlantic Holdings
HCP-F Hcp Inc. Pfd F TRI Thomson Reuters Corp
HCS Hsbc Holdings Plc TRK Speedway Motorsports
HCS-B Hsbc Holdings Plc TRN Trinity Industries
HD Home Depot TRNO Terreno Realty Corp.
HDB Hdfc Bank Limited TRP Transcananda Pipelines
HDY Hyperdynamics Corp. TRR Trc Companies
HE Hawaiian Electric Industries TRU Torch Energy Royalty Trust
HE-U Heco Cap III 6.50 TRV The Travelers Companies Inc
HEI Heico Corp. TRW Trw Automotive Holdings Corp.
HEI.A Heico Cp Cl A TS Tenaris S.A.
HEK Heckmann Corp. TSI Tcw Strategic
HEK.U Heckmann Corp. TSL Trina Solar Limited
HEK.W Heckmann Corp TSM Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing
HEP Holly Energy Partners L.P. TSN Tyson Foods
HEQ John Hancock Hedged Eqty & Inc TSO Tesoro Petroleum Corp.
HES Hess Corp. TSS Total System Services
HF Hff TSU Tim Participacoes S.A.
HFC Hollyfrontier Corp TTC Toro Company
HGG Hhgregg TTF Thai Fund
HGR Hanger Orthopedic Group TTI Tetra Technologies
HGT Hugoton Royalty Trust TTM Tata Motors Ltd
HHC Howard Hughes Corp. TTO Tortoise Capital Resources Corp.
HHS Harte-Hanks TTP Tortoise Pipeline & Energy Fund
HHY Helios High Yield Fund TU Telus Corp.
HI Hillenbrand Inc TUC Mac-Gray Corp.
HIF Western Asset High Income Fund Inc. TUP Tupperware Corp.
HIG Hartford Financial Services Group TV Grupo Televisa S.A.
HIG-A The Hartford Financial Service TVC Tennessee Valley Authority
HIG.W Hartford Financial Services Group TVE Tennessee Valley Authority
HIH Helios High Income Fund Inc TVL Lin Tv Corp
HII Huntington Ingalls Industries TW Towers Watson & Co
HIL Hill International TWC Time Warner Cable Inc
HIO Western Asset High TWI Titan International
HIS Cigna High Income Shares TWN Taiwan Fund
HIT Hitachi TWO Two Harbors Investments Corp
HIW Highwoods Properties TWX Time Warner Inc.
HIX Western Asset High Income Fund Ii Inc. TX Ternium S.A.
HJA Ms S.A.C. Saturns Ge Series 2002-14 TXI Texas Industries
HJG Ms S.A.C. Saturns Ge Series 2002-14 TXN Texas Instruments Inc.
HJJ Ms S.A.C. Saturns Goldman Sachs TXT Textron Inc.
HJL Ms S.A.C. Saturns Ge Series 2002-14 TY Tri Continental Corp.
HJN Ms S.A.C. Saturns Ge Series 2002-14 TY.P Tri Contl Cp 2.50 Pr
HJO Ms S.A.C. Saturns Ge Series 2002-14 TYC Tyco International Ltd.
HJR Saturns Trust No 2005 3 TYG Tortoise Energy Infrastructure Corp.
HJT Ms S.A.C. Saturns Ge Series 2002-14 TYG-A Tortoise Energy Infrastructure
HJV Ms S.A.C. Saturns Ge Series 2002-14 TYL Tyler Technologies
HL Hecla Mining Company TYN Tortoise North American Energy Corp.
HL-B Hecla Mining Pfd B TYW TS&W/Claymore Tax-Advantaged Balanced Fund
HLF Herbalife Ltd TYY Tortoise Energy Capital Corp.
HLS Healthsouth Corp. TYY-B Tortoise Energy Capital Corpora
HLX Helix Energy Solutions Group TZF Bear Stearns Depositor
HMA Health Management Associates TZK Ctfs 2002 1 Bear Stearns Acting As Depositor
HMC Honda Motor Company UA Under Armour
HME Home Properties UAL United Continental Holdings
HMH Helios Multi-Sector High UAM Universal American Financial
HMN Horace Mann Educators Corp. UAN Cvr Partners Lp Common Units R
HMY Harmony Gold Mining Co. Ltd UBA Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc.
HNI Hon Industries Inc. UBP Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc.
HNP Huaneng Power Intl UBP-C Urstadt Biddle Pfd C
HNR Harvest Natural Resources Inc UBP-D Urstadt Biddle Prf D
HNT Health Net Inc. UBS UBS Ag
HNZ H.J. Heinz Company UBS-D UBS Pfd Fndg Tr IV
HOG Harley-Davidson UDR United Dominion Realty Trust
HON Honeywell International Inc. UDR-G Udr 6.75% Cum Red Pf
HOS Hornbeck Offshore Services UFI Unifi
HOT Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide UFS Domtar Corp.
HOV Hovnanian Enterprises Inc UGI Ugi Corp.
HOVU Hovnanian Enterprises Inc UGP Ultrapar Participacoes S.A.
HP Helmerich & Payne UHS Universal Health Services
HPF John Hancock Pfd Ii UHT Universal Health Realty Income Trust
HPI John Hancock Preferred UIL Uil Holdings Corp.
HPP Hudson Pacific Properties UIS Unisys Corp.
HPP-B Hudson Pacific Properties Inc UIS-A Unisys Corporation Series A Con
HPQ Hewlett-Packard Company UL Unilever Plc
HPS John Hancock Preferred Income Fund III UMC United Microelectronics Corp.
HPT Hospitality Properites Trust UN Unilever Nv
HPT-B Hospitality Pr 8.875 UNF Unifirst Corp.
HPT-C Hosp Ppty Tr 7% Sr C UNH Unitedhealth Group Inc.
HPY Heartland Payment Systems UNM Unumprovident Corp.
HQH H&Q Healthcare Investors UNP Union Pacific Corp.
HQL H&Q Life Sciences Investors UNS Unisource Energy Corp.
HR Healthcare Realty Trust Inc. UNT Unit Corp.
HRB H&R Block UPL Ultra Petroleum
HRC Hillenbrand Industries UPS United Parcel Service
HRG Harbinger Group Inc URI United Rentals
HRL Hormel Foods Corp. URS Urs Corp.
HRS Harris Corp. USA Liberty All-Star Equity Fund
HRZ Horizon Lines USB U.S. Bancorp
HS Healthspring USB-A U.S. Bancorp Depositary Shares
HSA Helios Strategic Income Fd Inc USB-G Usb Cap ViII 6.35
HSC Harsco Corp. USB-H US Bancorp Dep Sh
HSM Hyperion Strategic Mortgage Fund USB-I Usb Cap X
HSP Hospira Inc USB-J Usb Cap Xi 6.60 Pfd
HST Host Marriott Financial Trust USB-K Usb Cap Xii 6.3% Tr
HSY Hershey Foods Corp. USB-L US Bancorp Pr L
HT Hersha Hospitality Trust USG Usg Corp.
HT-A Hersha Hosp Tr Pr A USM United States Cellular Corp.
HT-B Hersha Hospitality Trust USNA Usana Health Sciences Inc.
HTD John Hancock Tax Advantaged Dividend USU Usec Inc.
HTH Hilltop Holdings Inc. UTF Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Fund
HTR Hyperion Brookfield Total Return Fund UTI Universal Technical Institute Inc
HTS Hatteras Financial Corp UTL Unitil Corp.
HTY John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Global UTX United Technologies Corp.
HTZ Hertz Global Holdings Inc UVV Universal Corp.
HUB.A Hubbell Inc A UXG U.S. Gold Corp.
HUB.B Hubbell Inc B UZA United States Cellular Corp.
HUM Humana Inc. V Visa Inc.
HUN Huntsman Corp. VAL Valspar Corp.
HVB Uestra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe Ag VAL.P Valspar Corp
HVT Haverty Furniture Companies VALE Vale S.A.
HVT.A Haverty Furn Cl A Sc VAR Varian Medical Systems
HW Headwaters Inc. VBF Invesco Van Kampen Bond Fund
HWD Harry Winston Diamond Corp. VC Visteon Corp.
HXL Hexcel Corp. VCI Valassis Communications
HXM Desarrolladora Homex VCO Vina Concha Y Toro
HYB New America High VCV Invesco California Value Muni Income Trust
HYF Managed High Yield Plus Fund VE Veolia Environnement
HYH Lehman Abs Corp. VEL-E Virginia El 5.00 10
HYI Western Asset High Yield Defined VFC V.F. Corp.
HYK Lehman Abs Corp. VG Vonage Holdings
HYL Lehman Abs Corp. VGM Invesco Trust For Investment Grade Municipals
HYM Lehman Abs Corp. VGR Vector Group Ltd
HYT Blackrock High Yield Fund Vi Inc VHI Valhi
HYV Blackrock High Yield Fund V Inc VHS Vanguard Health Systems Inc.
HYY Structured Products Corp 6.25 Verizon Gbl VIA Viacom
HZD Zion Oil & Gas Inc VIA.B Viacom Inc Cl B
HZK Structured Products VIM Invesco Trust For Insured Municipals
HZO Marinemax VIP Open Joint Stock Company Vimpel-Communications
IAE Ing Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity VIT Vanceinfo Technologies Inc
IAG Iamgold Corp. VIV Telecomunicacoes De Sao Paulo S/A Ads
IBA Industrias Bachoco S.A. De C.V. VKQ Invesco Muni Trust
IBI Interline Brands VLO Valero Energy Corp.
IBM International Business Machines Corp. VLT Invesco High
IBN Icici Bank Limited VLY Valley National Bancorp
ICA Empresas Ica Soc Contrladora VLY-A Vnb Capital Trust I
ICB Ms Income Securities VLY.W Valley National Bancorp
ICE Intercontinentalexchange VMC Vulcan Materials Company
ICS Invesco Insured California Muni VMI Valmont Industries
IDA Idacorp VMO Invesco Muni Opportunity Trust
IDE Ing Infrastructure Industrial VMW Vmware
IDG Ing Group N.V. VNO Vornado Realty Trust
IDT Idt Corp. VNO-A Vornado Realty Trust Preferred
IDT.P IDT Corp VNO-E Vornado Rlty Pfd E
IEP Icahn Enterprises L.P. VNO-F Vornada Realty Trust
IEX Idex Corp. VNO-G Vornado Rlty Pfd G
IFF Internationa Flavors & Fragrances VNO-H Vornado Rt 6.75 Sr H
IFN India Fund VNO-I Vornado Rlty Pfd I
IFT Imperial Holdings VNO-J Vornado Realty Trust Pfd Cumula
IGA Ing Global Advantage And Premium VNOD Vornado Realty Lp
IGD Ing Global Equity Dividend And Premium VNR Vanguard Natural Resources Llc
IGI Western Asset Investment Grade Defined VNV Viacom
IGK Ing Group N.V. VOC Voc Energy Trust
IGR Ing Clarion Global Real Estate VOQ Invesco Ohio Quality Muni Trust
IGT International Game Technology VPG Vishay Precision Group
IHC Independence Holding Company VPV Invesco Pennsylvania Muni
IHD Ishhigdiv Ishhigdiv VQ Venoco
IHG Intercontinental Hotels Group VR Validus Holdings
IHS Ihs Inc. VRS Verso Paper
IIC Invesco California Insured Muni Income Trust VRX Valeant Pharmaceuticals International
IID Ing International High Dividend Equity VSH Vishay Intertechnology
IIF Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund Inc VSI Vitamin Shoppe Inc
IIM Invesco Insured Muni Income Trust VTA Invesco Dynamic Credit Fund
IIT Pt Indosat Tbk VTJ Invesco Trust N J Municipals
IKJ Bank Of America Corp. VTN Invesco Trust New York Muni
IKL Bank Of America Corp. VTR Ventas
IKM Bank Of America Corp. VVC Vectren Corp.
IKR Bank Of America Corp. VVI Viad Corp.
IL Intralinks Holdings VVR Invesco Senior Income Trust
IM Ingram Micro Inc. VZ Verizon Communications Inc.
IMAX Imax Corp. WAB Wabtec Corp.
IMC Invesco Insured Muni Trust WAG Walgreen Company
IMF Western Asset Inflation Fund Inc WAIR Wesco Aircraft Holdings Inc.
IMN Imation Corp. WAL Western Alliance Bancorporation
IMS Invesco Insured Muni Securities WAT Waters Corp.
IMT Invesco Insured Muni Trust WB-B Wachovia Cap Tr IV
IN Intermec Inc WB-C Wachovia Cap Tr Ix
INB Cohen & Steers Global Income Builder WBC Wabco Holdings Inc.
IND Ing Group N.V. WBK Westpac Banking Corp.
INF Brookfield Global Listed Infra WBS Webster Financial Corp.
ING Ing Group N.V. WBS.W Webster Financial Corporation
INN Summit Hotel Properties WCC Wesco International
INT World Fuel Services Corp. WCG Wellcare Group
INXN Interxion Holding N.V. WCN Waste Connections Inc.
INZ Ing Group N.V. WD Walker & Dunlop
IO Ion Geophysical Corp. WDC Western Digital Corp.
IOC Interoil Corp WDR Waddell & Reed Financial
IP International Paper Company WEA Western Asset Bond Fund
IPG Interpublic Group Of Companies WEC Wisconsin Energy Corp.
IPHI Inphi Corp. WEN The Wendy's Company
IPI Intrepid Potash Inc WES Western Gas Partners Lp
IPL-B Interstate P&L Pfd B WF Woori Finance Holdings Co Ltd
IQC Invesco California Muni Securities WFC Wells Fargo & Company
IQI Invesco Quality Muni Income Trust WFC-J Wells Fargo Pfd J
IQM Invesco Quality Muni Securities WFC-L Wells Fargo Pfd L
IQN Invesco New York Quality Muni Securities WFC.W Wells Fargo And Co
IQT Invesco Quality Muni Investment Trust WFR Memc Electronic Materials
IR Ingersoll-Rand Plc [Ireland] WFT Weatherford International Ltd
IRC Inland Real Estate Corp. WG Willbros Group
IRE Governor And Company Of The Bank Of Ireland WGL Wgl Holdings Inc
IRF International Rectifier Corp. WGO Winnebago Industries
IRL Irish Investment Fund WH Wsp Holdings
IRM Iron Mountain Inc. WHG Westwood Holdings Group Inc
IRR Ing Risk Managed Natural Resources Fund WHR Whirlpool Corp.
IRS Irsa Inversiones Y Representaciones S.A. WHX Whiting Usa Trust I
ISF Ing Group N.V. WIA U.S. Treasury Inflation Prot Secs Fd
ISG Ing Group N.V. WIT Wipro Limited
ISH International Shipholding Corp. WIW U.S Treasury Inflation Prot Secs Fd 2
ISM Slm Corp. WLK Westlake Chemical Corp.
ISP Ing Group N.V. WLL Whiting Petroleum Corp.
ISS Isoftstone Holdings WLL-A Whiting Petroleum
IT Gartner WLP Wellpoint Health Networks Inc.
ITC Itc Holdings WLT Walter Energy
ITG Investment Technology Group WM Waste Management
ITT Itt Industries WMB Williams Companies
ITUB Itau Unibanco Banco Holding Sa WMK Weis Markets
ITW Illinois Tool Works Inc. WMS Wms Industries Inc.
IVC Invacare Corp. WMT Wal-Mart Stores
IVN Ivanhoe Mines Ltd WNA.P Wachovia Fdg Pfd A
IVR Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc WNC Wabash National Corp.
IVZ Invesco Plc WNI Weider Nutrition International
IX Orix Corp Ads WNR Western Refining
JAG Jaguar Mining Inc WNS Wns Limited
JAH Jarden Corp. WOR Worthington Industries
JBI Lehman Abs Cp 7.857% WPC W.P. Carey & Co. Llc
JBJ Lehman Abs Corp. WPI Watson Pharmaceuticals
JBK Lehman Abs Corp. WPK Wells Fargo & Company
JBL Jabil Circuit WPO Washington Post Company
JBN Select Asset Inc. WPP Wausau-Mosinee Paper Corp.
JBO Lehman Abs Corp. WPZ Williams Partners L.P.
JBR Select Asset Inc. WR Westar Energy
JBT John Bean Technologies Corp. WRB W.R. Berkley Corp.
JCE Nuveen Core Equity Alpha Fund WRB-A Wr Berkley Cap Tr Ii
JCI Johnson Controls WRC Warnaco Group Inc
JCI-Z Johnson Controls Inc. Corp Uni WRD Weingarten Realty Investors
JCP J.C. Penney Company Inc. Holding Company WRE Washington Real Estate Investment
JDD Nuveen Diversified Dividend And WRI Weingarten Realty Investors
JEC Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. WRI-D Weingarten Rl 6.75 D
JEF Jefferies Group WRI-E Weingarten Rl Pfd E
JEQ Japan Equity Fund WRI-F Weingarten Dep Shs
JFC Jf China Region Fund WRS Westar Energy
JFR Nuveen Floating Rate WSH Willis Group Holdings
JGG Nuveen Global Government Enhanced WSM Williams-Sonoma
JGT Nuveen Multi-Currency Short-Term Government WSO Watsco
JGV Nuveen Global Value Opportunities Fund WST West Pharmaceutical Services
JHI John Hancock Investors Trust WTI W&T Offshore
JHP Nuveen Quality Preferred Income Fund 3 WTM White Mountains Insurance Group
JHS John Hancock Income Securities Trust WTR Aqua America
JHX James Hardie Industries Se WTS Watts Water Technologies
JKS Jinkosolar Holding Company Limited WTW Weight Watchers International Inc
JLA Nuveen Equity Premium Advantage Fund WU Western Union Company
JLL Jones Lang Lasalle Inc. WWE World Wrestling Entertainment
JLS Nuveen Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund WWW Wolverine World Wide
JMF Nuveen Energy Mlp Total Return Fund WX Wuxi Pharmatech [Cayman] Inc.
JMP Jmp Group Inc WXS Wright Express Corp.
JMT Nuven Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund 2 WY Weyerhaeuser Company
JNJ Johnson & Johnson WYN Wyndham Worldwide Corp
JNPR Juniper Networks X United States Steel Corp.
JNS Janus Capital Group Inc XAA American Muni Income Portfolio
JNY Jones Group XCJ Xcel Energy Inc.
JOE St. Joe Company XCO Exco Resources Nl
JOF Japan Smaller Capitalization Fund Inc XEC Cimarex Energy Co
JPC Nuveen Preferred And Convertible XEL Xcel Energy Inc.
JPG Nuveen Equity Premium And Growth Fund XEL-A Xcel Energy Pwr 3.60
JPM J P Morgan Chase & Co XEL-B Xcel Energy Pfd 4.08
JPM-B Jpmorgan Chase Capital XxviII XEL-C Xcel Energy Inc. Preferred Stoc
JPM-C Jpmorgan Chase Capital Xxix 6.7 XEL-D Xcel Energy Pfd 4.11
JPM-I Jpmrgn Pfd Ser J XEL-E Exel Energy Pfd 4.16
JPM-J JP Morgan Ch Cap X XEL-G Xcel Energy Pfd 4.56
JPM-K JP Morgan Ch Cap Xi XFD Lehman Abs Corp.
JPM-O Bank One Capital Vi XFH Lehman Abs Corp.
JPM-P Jpmorgan Chs Cap Xvi XFP Lehman Abs Corp.
JPM-S Jpmorgan Chase Cap XFR Lehman Abs Corp.
JPM-W Jpmorgan Cap Xxiv XIN Xinyuan Real Estate Co Ltd
JPM-X JP Morgan Ch Cap Xii XKE Lehman Abs Corp.
JPM-Y JP Morg Chase Cap Xi XKK Lehman Abs Corp.
JPM-Z Jpm Chase Cap Xxvi XKN Lehman Abs Corp.
JPM.W Jpmorgan Chase & Co XKO Lehman Abs Corp.
JPS Nuveen Quality Preferred 2 XL Xl Company Switzerland Gmbh
JPZ Nuveen Equity Premium XNY China Xiniya Fashion
JQC Nuveen Preferred And Convertible 2 XOM Exxon Mobil Corp.
JRN Journal Communications XOXO Xoxo Group Inc
JRO Nuveen Floating Rate Income Opportuntiy XRM Xerium Technologies
JSD Nuveen Short Duration Credit O XRS Tal Education Group
JSM Slm Corp. XRX Xerox Corp.
JSN Nuveen Equity Premium Opportunity XUE Xueda Education Group
JTA Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Total Return XVG Lehman Abs Corp.
JTD Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Dividend Growth Y Alleghany Corp.
JTP Nuveen Quality Preferred YGE Yingli Green Energy Holding Company
JW.A John Wiley Sons Cl A YOKU Youku.Com Inc.
JW.B John Wiley Sons Cl B YPF Ypf Sociedad Anonima
JWF Wells Fargo & Company YUM Yum! Brands
JWN Nordstrom YZC Yanzhou Coal Mining Company
JZC Lehman Abs Corp. ZA Zuoan Fashion Limited American
JZH Lehman Abs Corp. ZB-A Zions Bc Dp Shs A
JZJ Lehman Abs Corp. ZB-B Zions Cap Tr B
JZK Lehman Abs Corp. ZB-C Zions Bancorporation
JZL Lehman Abs Corp. ZB-E Zions Bancorporation Dep Shs Re
JZS Lehman Abs Corp. ZEP Zep Inc.
JZT Lehman Abs Corp ZF Zweig Fund
JZV Lehman Abs Corp. ZLC Zale Corporation
K Kellogg Company ZMH Zimmer Holdings
KAI Kadant Inc ZNH China Southern Airlines Company
KAR Kar Auction Services Inc ZQK Quiksilver
KB Kb Financial Group Inc ZTR Zweig Total Return Fund
KBH Kb Home ZX China Zenix Auto International
KBR Kbr ZZ Sealy Corporation
KBW Kbw Inc ZZC Sealy Corporation

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