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You saved me in a bear market. I would have remained long $2 million in technology stocks. I got out 5% below the top, after your call because I subscribed to your service. My friends instead rode the market down. If only you had a lifetime subscription plan. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
Charles Snell
Beverly Hills, CA

This is the best stock market service I have ever subscribed to. I have made more money with in one year than any other service I have ever subscribed to. Thanks
Robert Stroz
Reno, NV

The Stock Picking Technique

Here at, we look for stocks as they come off the bottom of their trading range. This is a value investing orientation. You might remember the old stock market master Bernard Baruch who was fond of saying, "Buy when they are throwing them away." We usually won't look at a company until it's appeared on the new low list. There are exceptions, but not many.

We may not like an idea until itís developed a trading range after coming off the bottom. We also usually look for a "catalyst" in the stock. A catalyst could be one of a number of potential occurrences in the stock. It could be an outside investor who is taking a large position in the stock, and is therefore going to create action in the market place. We can usually identify the catalyst through insider trading on the buy side.

A catalyst could be another company, usually bigger, coming into the marketplace, thus validating the industry. There are numerous types of catalysts, and we are on the lookout for them.

Youíll also want to know that we have no financial relationship with the company whose stock we are writing about. The company usually does not know that we have an opinion on their stock. We always have 100% independence regarding the companies we write about. This is usually not the case with so many other services that are available. This independence means that when we no longer like an idea, we can tell you. We don't get phone calls from companies asking, "Why are you selling, or why did you change your opinion on our company?" Brokerage firms, banks, and analysts get those phone calls. We have never gotten one.

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To quote one of the three most respected men on Wall Street. "We treat stocks like toilet paper". We just want to make money with them. We are not in love with the companies we write about; we don't want to marry them. We want the thrill of buying at the bottom, or near the bottom. Our only GOAL is that you make money, and remain our subscriber for many years to come.

Every company we write about usually has a great balance sheet. The stocks we like can withstand storms, and market destructions. Most of these companies are stocks you have heard of in your daily involvement with Wall Street. The profits can be very substantial. In fact, we would not be surprised if your results dwarf what you consider to be handsome returns.

The reason is that the moves off a consolidating bottom can be enormous. We compare it to a tidal wave. In the ocean a tidal wave is usually not even noticeable. It can be a big wave, but the ocean is full of 30 to 50 foot waves. As it hits shore though, that's when the tidal wave becomes a monster wave. It draws strength off the shallow bottom of the sea. Our stocks can move the same way. When they come off the bottom, the moves can be big, and ferocious. The profits can be enormous.

You should consider trying a subscription, even if you don't invest for a while. You'll learn by watching the moves. You'll invest with your money soon enough, and by the way, WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY.

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